Gloves Off: Finding the magic minutes in the hygiene hour

Feb. 10, 2022
Finding the extra minutes in the already jam-packed dental hygiene hour is never a problem, right?! Dr. David Rice and Katrina Sanders, MEd, explain how you can optimize those precious 60 minutes.

Welcome to our new video series, Gloves Off!

Today I’m here with Katrina Sanders, MEd, BSDH, RDH, RF, and we’ll be talking about finding those magic minutes in the dental hygiene hour. That’s never a problem, right?!

We’ll talk about how to optimize the work you do while achieving clinical excellence during those precious 60 minutes.

Katrina says you can find those magic minutes if you are taking the time to effectively assess, diagnose, communicate, and treat your patients. For instance, there's a lot of data indicating that the prevalence of periodontal disease versus the number of prophies we perform is not in alignment. 

In this video, Katrina will share with us how she finds those magic minutes, how to prevent the dentist from interfering with that time, and more.

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