Monday Huddle: Less stress, more respect, and more money

April 15, 2022
We all want more respect and more money—without the stress. Dr. David Rice says there are three things we can do about it.
David R. Rice, DDS, Chief editor

Those three words—stress, respect, money. We all want less of the first one and more of the second and third. In a recent survey of thousands of dental professionals across the US,1 40% said they were very dissatisfied working for you and me. Another 36% said, eh.

So, if we’re to achieve less stress, more respect, and more money, it behooves us to get to know our dental teams who are feeling the exact same way. In this episode of Monday Huddle, we’ll talk about two reasons why these dental professionals are dissatisfied and three things you can do about it that will lead to less stress, more respect, and more money.


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Join Dr. David Rice, chief editor of DentistryIQ, in the Monday Huddle and learn how to be a more successful you.

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