Gloves Off: The decimated dental workforce: How to overcome it

April 19, 2022
Dr. David Rice and Deana Zost hash out a huge topic in dentistry today and look at digital solutions that can help combat this problem.

Today, in Gloves Off, we’re talking about one of the biggest issues in dentistry—the lack of workforce. How do we combat this?

Are there digital solutions? Yes! We need to be looking for solutions to digitize our workflow and patient communications. The right software can help free up front office staff to help the team in other ways. We need to pull in the right resources and let the software do what it’s supposed to do. In short, we need to excel at the things our software can’t do for us.

Dental pros and dental patients, send us your questions! We’re talking about important topics that happen all day every day in the dental practice.

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