Monday Huddle: 15 questions to ask your cosmetic dentist

June 23, 2022
Do you have patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry? Join Dr. David Rice in the Monday Huddle as he shares important questions patients should ask before committing to treatment.

You likely have patients who are interested in getting cosmetic dentistry done. Before committing to treatment, though, they need to do their homework.

Explain to your patients that they should ask questions like: Where did you receive your advanced training? Do you have before-and-after photos? What can I expect FOR ME?

Join us in this episode of Monday Huddle as we look at these three questions plus 12 more that will help patients know when to say yes to treatment.

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Join Dr. David Rice, chief editor of DentistryIQ, in the Monday Huddle and learn how to be a more successful you.

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