Monday Huddle: Is dentistry a pain in your neck? #shorts

Aug. 18, 2022
Join Dr. David Rice in the Monday Huddle to learn about exercises you can easily and quickly do to alleviate the pain that practicing dentistry brings about.

Is dentistry a pain in your neck? Up to 80% of dental pros report back or neck pain at some point in a 12-month period. 80%!!! Translation — it isn’t if you’re at risk — it’s what will you do to prevent or overcome it?

  1. Stretch and strengthen. Do you have a regimen? If you do and it’s working…awesome. If you don’t and need help…find a local trainer you trust or check out @steph.posturepros. Then stay consistent!!
  2. Work on your ergonomics. The right positioning matters. The right equipment matters too! My A-dec stools have helped me stay healthy for 28 years…win! My Q-Optics loupes deliver an angle of declination so far superior from my old loupes I regret not switching sooner!!
  3. Take a look at everything you do: how you sleep; how you exercise; in addition to how you position you…how you position your patient…your hands…I could go on for hours… @steph.posturepros @dentaleconomicsofficial #dentaltips #dental #dentist #dentistry #dentistlife

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