Perio and paragraphs: Becoming published as a dental professional

April 10, 2023
Bethany Montoya, RDH, talks about how dental professionals can prepare for the writing process and organize their ideas for a written piece.

I am a practicing dental hygienist based out of Fort Worth, Texas, and a key opinion leader within the dental industry. I also serve on RDH magazine’s Advisory Board and am the editorial director of Through the Loupes. Currently, I am completing my bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene, which is the purpose of this presentation.

While there are more than 750,000 dental professionals in the United States, only a small number have experienced the privilege of being published as a professional source. There are a variety of reasons why more clinicians have not experienced this career-advancing achievement, but I believe that most professionals simply lack an awareness of the opportunities available to them as well as the confidence they need to successfully execute a written piece.

Join me in this presentation as we look at the benefits of becoming published as a dental professional, barriers to overcome, types of dental publication sources, steps you can take to prepare for the writing process, and components of a content map to help organize your ideas.

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