Monday Huddle: When a patient asks for white fillings

May 12, 2023
When patients ask for something like "white fillings," what are they really hoping for? Dr. David Rice explains how every "ask" can be a step closer to a "yes" for treatment if you play it right.

Sometimes patients ask us for things like “white fillings,” and we don’t understand what they’re really after. It’s easy to get frustrated in these situations.

But what if you could turn that into a win?

First, find out what’s behind their request. What do they really want? Ask them to show you pictures of their “ideal smile.” Then, ask if you can show them how to get that smile. Ask how this “ideal smile” might help them. Ask what’s standing in their way of getting treatment.

Every time patients ask you about something, it can lead to you learning more about what’s important to them. You’ll be one step closer to hearing a “yes” to treatment.

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