Monday Huddle: The wrong way to handle dental office drama (and how to do better)

June 29, 2023
Got office drama? Watching, waiting, and ignoring the issue won't help. To lead your team to a better place, try this.

Are you like how many (including, ahem, myself) used to be? Office drama: you watch and wait, pretend you don’t notice, hope the problem self-corrects, and think tomorrow will be better—only to see the cycle continue. Your team gets more frustrated, and you know deep down that the problem will only get harder to correct.

Office drama will not fix itself. YOU must step up and lead your team to a better place. Try this:

  1. Call out the issue professionally.
  2. Address the behavior—not the person.
  3. Set expectations. (Our practice has zero tolerance for drama.)
  4. Reward great behavior in public, and punish bad behavior in private.
  5. Start today.

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Dr. David Rice, ignitedds

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