"My patient thinks dental x-rays cause cancer"

Sept. 14, 2023
What should you say to patients if they ask you this question? In this episode of Monday Huddle, Dr. David Rice looks at dental x-rays and patients' concerns. It's a real thing.

"My patient thinks x-rays cause cancer. What do I do?"

When this happens in my office, I go get my partner, Mark, and introduce him to my patient as the greatest dentist in the universe, and then run. Kidding!

Ask yourself this: Does your patient watch Netflix for hours on end within six feet of their TV? Are they standing in front of the microwave watching their popcorn pop? Are they on their smartphone all day? Do they fly half a dozen times per year?

If you are a patient and are worried, chime in on YouTube and we can clear up any concerns you have!

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