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Dear Boss: Your wife is a lousy office manager

Aug. 11, 2021
The writer of this month's installment of Dear Boss is fed up with the nastiness spread around the practice by the office manager (who just happens to be the boss's wife).

The Dental Office Manager Digest column “Dear Boss” is designed for office managers to be able to speak their minds by anonymously writing a “letter” to their boss. Send your letters to [email protected]. Depending on how many are received, your letter may take a while to appear in DOMD.

Dear Boss,

It's been a long time since I asked for a raise. I finally requested one through your office manager and she simply shrugged her shoulders. The office manager just happens to be your wife, which tells me she either controls your money or doesn’t care about your staff. I have been a loyal employee for over eight years, and I feel it's time I leave your office. I really hate to, but your wife has made things very uncomfortable for not just me, but the entire team. When we need office supplies, we have to wait a very long time just to get the essentials. I'm sure you have no clue that this is going on, because most of the time you're unaware of the constant drama and bickering that occurs on daily basis. I hope you find someone as good as me or better who can deal with the nastiness your wife spreads at the office. She's rude, inefficient, and just plain old mean.



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