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Dear Boss: Thank you

July 14, 2023
This month's Dear Boss is a happy one! As this OM prepares to retire, they want to express their gratitude to a great boss.

The Dental Office Manager Digest column “Dear Boss” is designed for office managers to be able to speak their minds by anonymously writing a “letter” to their boss. Send your letters to [email protected]. Depending on how many are received, your letter may take a while to appear in DOMD.

Dear Boss:

I want to sincerely thank you for all of the teamwork over the years. I've been your office manager for over 27 years. I've helped grow the practice and helped your patients get the dental work they need all this time. It's hard to say goodbye, but the time has come for me to retire. Doctor, I hope you see this, because I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You never let me down and always took care of me financially and mentally when times got hard, and I’ll never forget it. I hope you know that you are an amazing person and you will do great in your final years, preparing for your own retirement. I will make sure everything is taken care of and set up for success prior to leaving—don’t you worry about a thing.

Thank you!


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