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Celebrating in September: It's Office Manager Appreciation Month!

Aug. 17, 2023
Dental office managers are often unsung heroes in dentistry. CareCredit and AADOM have created a website full of resources for celebrating your #AwesomeOM this September.

There’s a lot to celebrate in September. The kids are back in school and pumpkin spice is back in stores. Office Manager Appreciation Month (OMAM) is also back! OMAM is supported by CareCredit in partnership with the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM)—two organizations that want to recognize and appreciate how much dental office managers contribute to their patients, teams, and practices. The celebration website has been updated, and dentists, teams, and especially office managers are invited to join the festivities.

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When I think of all the office managers I know, from the time I worked in a practice to my current role at CareCredit, I see equal doses of flexibility, persistence, and patience combined with exceptional organizational skills. One of the most common characteristics of an awesome office manager or administrator is their ability to multi-task—managing the schedule, team, practice financials, patient experience, and more.

Create a culture of celebration

We tend to celebrate the big successes, but all those big successes are really made up of a series of small ones. Small wins like having no
cancellations (win!), no holes in the schedule (win!), and finding a great candidate to add to the team (win!) help culminate in a successful practice. One good time to take a moment to celebrate the small wins is during the morning huddle. Take a few minutes to have everyone share one small thing they did that helped someone else or made them happy. When you share the small stuff it can inspire others by giving them ideas they can do themselves; it can also give a new perspective when things don’t go exactly as planned. Alternatively, at the end of the day before everyone transitions to home life, you could take a moment to talk about the good things that happened, and whenever possible, recognize people who contributed to the day’s success.

Resources to help teams celebrate their #AwesomeOM

In past years, thousands of office managers were celebrated by their teams with flowers, cakes, parties, and more, and hundreds of office managers and administrators joined AADOM. This year, the word has gotten out and we’re expecting big things again this September as additional organizations want to align with and participate in this event. CareCredit has created a website where teams can get free resources and ideas to help them celebrate their #AwesomeOM. On the same site, office managers will be able to access an amazing experience created just for them that includes daily affirmations and a virtual experience with fun and games.

There are lots of big and small ways to show your office manager that they are appreciated. We would love to see all your practice celebrations, so make sure to add the hashtags #OMAM and #AwesomeOM. Visit the OMAM site to get free resources to use through the month of September, and from the entire team at CareCredit, thank you to all the #AwesomeOMs! You are so appreciated.

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