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This office manager is tired of the dentist using her as the scapegoat when mistakes are made.

Dear Boss: I didn't sign up to be your scapegoat

Sept. 15, 2023
This office manager is tired of taking the blame when mistakes happen in the practice.

The Dental Office Manager Digest column “Dear Boss” is designed for office managers to be able to speak their minds by anonymously writing a “letter” to their boss. Send your letters to [email protected]. Depending on how many are received, your letter may take a while to appear in DOMD.

Dear Boss,

I’m writing you today to inform you that I am no longer putting up with your ego.

I’ve been noticing how you make me look like an idiot in front of patients, and I’m tired of you putting me down. I always try my best to make the patients happy, but you never take responsibility of your mistakes and just pass them off on me. I understand that you are the dentist, and you should never look bad in front of the patients, but there has to be a better solution than blaming me for everything. I didn’t sign up to be your scapegoat, and I think I should have earned your respect over the past 30 years of being your office manager.

I don’t know why you changed all of a sudden, but I get the feeling you are trying to push me into retirement since you hired a young assistant office manager. I would never bad mouth you, and I always take responsibility when something is my fault. You should do the same. The recent situation with our patient has me over the edge and contemplating retirement, but I refuse to let you win. Just know that our patients talk to me about everything, so next time think twice about talking behind my back and making me look stupid.


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