Learn more about how to use code D9970 for enamel microabrasion.

Coding with Kyle: Enamel microabrasion

Oct. 12, 2023
Learn more about how to use code D9970 to submit insurance claims for patients' enamel microabrasion procedures.
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director

Enamel microabrasion (D9970) is a permanent cosmetic procedure that is performed to remove irregularities on tooth surfaces. Removing a tiny layer of the tooth surface can help to remove the stains caused by genetics, bad hygiene habits, and colored foods and drinks.

Teeth are generally isolated with a rubber dam, then abrasive agents and acid are applied to the surface of the teeth. The doctor will use a prophy cup to gently remove the stains and defects which could include the use of a prophy jet.

In addition, the doctor may recommend a take-home whitening kit to help whiten and create a more uniform appearance of the teeth.

D9970 is considered cosmetic and is not reimbursed by insurance plans.

The code indicates one or several teeth were completed in one session, as this is not a per tooth code.

Keep this in mind when setting the fee for your practice.

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