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Congrats on being the worst boss ever!

Dear Boss: Congrats on being the worst

Oct. 12, 2023
The author of this month's Dear Boss has put up with two years of the practice owner prioritizing TikToks over work, paying staff in cash, and neglecting patient care.

The Dental Office Manager Digest column “Dear Boss” is designed for office managers to be able to speak their minds by anonymously writing a “letter” to their boss. Send your letters to [email protected]. Depending on how many are received, your letter may take a while to appear in DOMD.

Dear Boss,

You are one of the worst bosses in the dental industry. I was hired two years ago, and it’s been a nightmare. You talk down to everyone in the office and makes us feel bad about ourselves. You criticize the way we dress and tell us we need to be more lady-like. On Mondays and Wednesdays you come into the office not to treat patients, but to let the new hire dentist treat patients for you. You only show up to the office to film TikToks with the dental assistant, then leave to go home.

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We are always struggling to make payroll for the staff. Insurance checks come in from completed work and instead of depositing them at the bank, you cash them right away. We literally pay staff in cash. You tell patients to “wait and see” instead of advising them on when they need specific treatments. A patient could have a really deep cavity and you lets them walk out. I honestly don’t know what to do except leave.

If you ever read this, you will know who wrote it. Your time as a dentist is limited; I bet it’s only a matter of time before your practice goes bankrupt. I, for one, am not staying aboard to see it happen. Good luck.