Introducing the DALE Foundation

Aug. 25, 2011
The Dental Assisting National Board is proud to announce the launch of the DALE Foundation. The DALE Foundation offers interactive e-learning courses and study aids to help dental assistants, office managers, and educators grow in their careers.

Introducing the DALE Foundation
The Dental Assisting National Board is proud to announce the launch of the DALE Foundation. The DALE Foundation offers interactive e-learning courses and study aids to help dental assistants, office managers and educators grow in their careers.

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About the DALE Foundation
The DALE Foundation’s mission is to benefit the public by providing quality education and conducting sound research to promote oral health. Since the DALE Foundation is the official DANB affiliate, you can trust that the courses adhere to the same quality and high standards. Excellence is important to the DALE Foundation, which is why all of the e-learning courses and study aids were created by educators and experts in the dental community.

Some of you may already be familiar with the online courses that were previously offered through DANB. With the launch of the DALE Foundation’s website, DANB will no longer offer online courses. These courses are now available through the DALE Foundation’s website, with a new look and feel.

If you have already registered for or completed an e-learning course through DANB, you should have received instructions on how to log in and access your account. If you purchased an e-learning course for someone else through DANB, you will need to set up a new account with the DALE Foundation to purchase future course. If you have any questions about your account, email us at [email protected].

Interactive E-Learning for Oral Healthcare Professionals
The DALE Foundation offers a variety of courses and study aids, including the DANB RHS Review, the DANB ICE Review and the Conventional Dental Radiography Review. You can also take advantage of practice tests and study aids, such as the DANB RHS Practice Test and the Glossary of Dental Terms. “Online courses are a great way to pursue continuing education while keeping up with the demands of work and family,” Sandra Wade, CDA, RDH, says.

Courses in front office management are a great way for office managers and dental assistants to expand their knowledge. Accounts Receivable for the Dental Office and HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office cover two important office management topics.

By completing a review course with the DALE Foundation, you earn a certificate of completion, which you can display in your office and add to your resume. The DALE Foundation’s courses are also a way to earn continuing education credits to maintain a state license, registration or national DANB Certification — or simply to advance your knowledge.

Office managers can purchase e-learning courses to provide CE and training resources for the dental team, to expand their roles within the dental practice or to meet requirements to earn Fellowship in the American Association of Dental Office Managers. “With e-learning courses, staff can take the courses at home on their own time or carve out time during the work day,” explains business coordinator Danielle Dailey, FAADOM.

If you are an educator, consider supplementing your classroom curriculum with review courses and practice tests. Or, round out your dental assisting program with courses in front office management. When you make a group purchase, you can view your students’ scores and track their progress. “The online courses are a great adjunct to education and a good way to review,” says dental assisting instructor Bonnie Magliochetti, CDA, RDH.

A career in the oral healthcare field is exciting. Whether you work as a chairside assistant, front office manager or dental assisting educator, there is always more to learn. Professional development is the cornerstone to a fulfilling and rewarding career. If you take pride in being a lifelong learner and are looking for ways to enhance your skills, the DALE Foundation has the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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