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Reviewing Horrible Bosses

July 14, 2011
By Kevin Henry
Editor, Dental Assisting Digest
Note: All photos © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.I had heard the buzz for quite some time about “Horrible Bosses.” Any movie that mentions a dental assistant as one of the lead characters piques my interest. Throw in that the movie also features a brunette Jennifer Aniston as a dentist and you really, really have my interest.
So on a recent steamy Saturday afternoon in Tulsa, I bought my ticket to watch “Horrible Bosses.” Of course, I did it for you, our faithful readers, so I could let you know what the world thinks might go on inside the dental office. I always enjoy seeing the “outside world’s” interpretation of dentistry, and this movie was no exception.In case you’ve been underground for the last couple of months, here’s a basic summary of the plot. Dr. Julia Harris (Aniston) is trying to woo her engaged dental assistant Dale Arbus (Charlie Day), who suffers an unbelievable amount of sexual harassment under his boss. In one scene, Dr. Harris doesn’t mind turning up the gas on a patient just to provide a little privacy for her to chase her dental assistant. Oh … did I mention the patient was the dental assistant’s fiancée? Awkward. But don’t worry, the dental assistant sticks to his morals and resists the seduction. He even has his moment of triumph at the end, so be prepared to high-five your movie neighbor.Basically, you get the picture about the movie’s plot. Think about the worst possible sexual harassment situation in a dental office, double it, and add 30 (thanks for the math tip, McKenzie Brothers … or am I the only one who has ever seen or remembers “Strange Brew” and “The Great White North?”) and that’s what you see in this movie. Remember, Aniston is just one of three “Horrible Bosses” in the movie and, despite her flaws, is by far the least horrible of the bunch.Did I love it? Absolutely. Will it offend you in some way? Absolutely. Be prepared.Of course, sexual harassment in the workplace is no laughing matter, but the actions of Dr. Harris in “Horrible Bosses” are almost cartoon-like. If you’re uptight about the subject, do not go see this movie. There’s my warning.If you’re worried about sexual harassment in your office or are going through it, here’s an article you should read.
Certainly assistants and hygienists (and dentists) have gone through very uncomfortable (and unnecessary) situations with members of the opposite sex in the office. If it’s going on in your office right now, take steps to put an end to it. Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but it has to stop. I believe that mutual respect in the office is a key to the practice’s success. If you’re going through a tough time because of a lack of respect or unwanted advances, I urge you to find a place where you don’t just survive, but thrive. No job is worth being miserable every day.What’s the bottom line? Go see “Horrible Bosses.” But before that, stop being a horrible boss or employee and put an end to any uncomfortable sexual tension in your office.