An office manager implodes on Facebook

April 19, 2011

By Kevin Henry
Editor, Dental Assisting Digest

One of my friends on Facebook is a sales rep for a national dealer. He recently shared the following Facebook post. I am leaving it exactly as it was posted on Facebook, so please overlook the grammatical and spelling errors…

Dealer: The past two days I have been watching the ultimate demise of an office manager. Yesterday she posted:

Office Manager: OMG What more can I say What is wrong with people. I don't want to start complaining but Work..Work ..Work...People with power trips and Money problems that take it out on people that they think are weaker or stupid. need to get a swift kick in the grill for a reality check!!!!!! Im just saying. Work could be perfect if the Doc's wife would just go away!!!!!!!!

Dealer: Today she posted:

Office Manager: ...Two Doctors Two Hygienist TOO many patients. AHHHHHH

Dealer: PLEASE warn your Facebook-using team members to post wisely. I am assuming this office is about to need a new admin if anyone is watching this and working in that area.

Dealer: Another example… So I've been searching tweets about dental offices... so many negative ones! Here's one from earlier today: "Sitting in the dental office, listening to the receptionist bitch bitch bitch about her job and co-workers. Give me the drill." Wow...

Remember my friends, what you say (whether it’s in person or through social media) is heard by your patients. Dr. Rhonda Savage recently wrote a great article on the topic. Click here to read it.