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Linda Miles is calling all dental assistants to tell them that membership in the American Dental Assistants Association is one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your career. Join today!

Aug 18th, 2014
Dental Assistant Join Adaa

Editor’s Note: If anyone knows the dental profession inside and out, it’s Linda Miles, founder of Linda Miles and Associates, founder of the Speaking Consulting Network, and cofounder of Oral Cancer Cause. She is well aware of the importance of each and every member of the dental team, and here she addresses you, dental assistants, about the importance and many benefits of joining your national association (American Dental Assistants Association), and how it will advance you in your career.

Here is what Linda Miles has to say ...

1) If you are excited about being a dental assistant...
2) If you are patient-centered in the things you say and do...
3) If you view dental assisting (chairside or administrative) as a career, not just a job...
4) If you wish to progress in the profession of dentistry...
5) If you are dedicated, loyal, and hard working...

... then the ADAA (American Dental Assistants Association)
wants YOU!

Benefits of membership include:
• More than 70 online training modules for you to take FREE of charge
• Insurance (professional liability and accidental death) as part of your member benefits package
• Networking with others who do what you do, and sharing the same joys and challenges
• The opportunity to become a leader in your local, state, and national dental assistant organizations
• Online employment services
• Bimonhtly journal and selection of newsletters
• Optional, discounted personal and business related services

You can have all of this for less than $170 per year!

Read a more about the benefits of joining ADAA from Lori Pascall, CDA, CPFDA, CRFDA, FADAA, 2013-2014 president of the ADAA.

Step out of your comfort zone in order to stand out! Join ADAA today! This is truly a life changing profession for dental assistants who strive to be at the top of their game. Make a difference in the lives of your patients, your doctor's practice, and your own professional growth and development.

Statistics show that 20% of the dental assistants reading this message will act upon it. Let’s make that number bigger. Don't get left out. Being progressive and joining your professional organization means growing, and we want you to grow!

Go to the ADAA website to register, or call toll free 877-874-3785 TODAY!

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