Thoughts on the best states, salaries, and the dental assistant's worth in the practice

July 21, 2010
DAD Editor Kevin Henry talks about the latest article showing the best states to be a dental assistant, as well as other important salary information.
By Kevin Henry, editorIt’s the heart of summertime and, if you’re like me, you’re already ready for cooler temperatures to come rolling back in. I recently posted on my Facebook account, “It’s official ... summers in Oklahoma suck.” Not that I have anything against my home state, but I’m not a big fan of heat indices of 115 and breaking a sweat just walking to the car and waiting for the AC to cool off the interior. Right about now, I’m ready for a chill in the air rather than haze.What’s one good thing about July? This is the issue of DAD many of you have been anticipating. In this issue, we roll out the best and worst places to be a dental assistant. Judging by the number of clicks my editor’s note received last month with the teaser about this article (and the latest dental assistant salary figures from each state), I know you’re interested in seeing where your state ranks. This year, we changed the criteria a bit, and I think it will give you a more in-depth look at each state’s ranking. You can click here to see where your state ranks in our 2010 findings.
Also in this issue, we’ll launch our own dental assistant salary survey. I hope you’ll take a few moments to answer our survey and help us know how things are going in your state. You can click here to take the survey.Dental assisting was well-represented in a recent article from Forbes, which listed the fastest-growing jobs for women in America. Our great profession was listed No. 7 (and yes, Forbes did touch on the salary issue as well). You can check out the article by clicking here.We talk often in DAD about how dental assistants can increase their worth in the dental practice (which will hopefully translate into more dollars in your wallet). One of the ways you can increase your worth is by expanding your knowledge base. You can learn about early diagnosis and caries detection and earn an hour of CE on Sept. 14 by taking part in a live, one-hour Webcast, sponsored by Air Techniques. Along with the learning opportunity, what’s the best part? It’s free. Sign up by clicking here.Read on, this is your e-newsletter ...