Results released for polyether impression materials field testing

Jan. 5, 2007
Fast new polyether impresses regular-setting polyether and VPS users alike.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--In a recent field evaluation of clinical effectiveness, 3M ESPE Impregum Polyether Impression Materials have earned outstanding ratings from 145 dentists and their technicians, continuing a proven record of excellent results and evaluators' praise.

Participants, spanning across 12 countries, evaluated the clinical effectiveness of the new fast-setting Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step Polyether Impression Material for the monophase technique and Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step Heavy Body/Light Body Polyether Impression Materials for the one-step/tray wash technique.

* According to three out of four current VPS users, the overall performance of Impregum Penta Soft polyether impression material, as well as the precision and accuracy in the presence of blood or saliva, is 'better' or 'much better' in comparison to their currently used VPS impression material. All technicians rated the impression quality as 'good' to 'excellent.'

* Results also showed dentists currently using regular-setting Impregum Penta Soft polyether impression material reported the new fast-setting material to perform 'as good as' or 'better than' their conventional polyether material in the presence of fluids. Ninety-three percent of technicians rated the impression quality with the fast-setting variant as 'good' to 'excellent.'

"Impregum polyether impression materials consistently provide dentists and technicians with maximum precision and reproduction of detail, even in moist conditions," said Sean Regan, marketing manager, 3M ESPE. "Offering high performance without sacrificing quality and reliability is something both polyether and VPS users can appreciate."

A complete, easy-to-read collection of scientific research and product ratings for Impregum polyether impression materials is available in a convenient, pocket-edition booklet or online at

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