Dentisoft Technologies, Integrated Credit Solutions to Provide Automated Collection Services to Dental Offices

Aug. 10, 2004
Internet linking of Dentisoft Office to ICS's collection program, EzCollect, will help dental practices improve cash flow

Dentisoft Technologies announces an exclusive agreement with Integrated Credit Solutions (ICS) to provide automated collection services to dental offices through its Dentisoft Office(TM) practice management systems.

By linking Dentisoft Office to ICS's collection program, EzCollect,
through the Internet, dental practices can quickly and easily refer
past due accounts to ICS for professional, results-oriented

"Cash flow is the lifeblood of a small business, and dental
practices are no different," said Jeff Ulanet, CEO of Dentisoft
Technologies. "How effectively they manage collections can make
a big difference in their cash flow and profitability. By building a
real-time connection to a first class collection service into our
Dentisoft Office practice management systems, we're making it easy for dentists to take action on their hard-to-collect accounts," added Ulanet.

"We're excited about our agreement with Dentisoft Technologies," commented Mike Mooney, President of ICS. "The healthcare industry is a specialty of ours, and we were looking for an industry leading dental partner. Dentisoft brings the unique ability to integrate our collection services into their practice management software, which makes it easy for dental offices to get the collection process started," added Mooney.

Dentisoft Technologies has been in business since 2003 when it
acquired the practice management systems, web-based dentist directory, and website hosting platforms of Dental Connect (DentalXChange). The primary focus for the business is in the areas of practice management systems, web-service interfaces, reimbursement management, clinical tool-sets, and consumer marketing services. Dentisoft strives to build connections among a variety of interests by delivering proprietary products to dentists, insurers, dental equipment and drug manufacturers, as well as dental consumers via,, and other owned technology assets.

Integrated Credit Solutions (ICS), located in Fountain Valley, CA,
is a leading provider of collection and asset recovery services. ICS
is the only company to offer access to the industry-leading EzCollect system. A proprietary, web-based tool developed by ICS, EzCollect provides clients with 24/7 online access to account status and advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. EzCollect enables clients to assign collection accounts securely over the Internet and to constantly monitor their collection progress. ICS has extensive healthcare collections experience and realizes the need to be firm yet dsensitive to client needs.