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KOMET IPR starter kit

March 7, 2011
Optimized OS kit contains six hand-selected oscillating instruments.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina—Created in collaboration with Dr. Jerry Gildner of Mequon, Wis., KOMET’s IPR Starter Kit (LD0528) contains six hand-selected oscillating instruments for interproximal enamel reduction. To read more about KOMET, go to KOMET.As an addition to the OS System introduced early in 2009, the starter kit includes two single-sided OS discs (OS20FH/OS20FV), two double-sided OS discs (OS35M/OS1M), and two new single-sided, exceptionally thin contact breakers (OS18MH/OS18MV) that are abrasive enough to cut through tight interproximal contacts. Used with the KOMET OS handpiece OS30, the oscillating discs are a collection for simplified and predictable IPR.The first step in the procedure is accomplished with one of the contact breakers that often eliminates the need for diamond strips in this phase. This results in reduced chairtime, less stress for the operator, and comfort for the patient. By initially widening interproximal spaces to 0.18 mm, the specialized instruments help facilitate safe, gradual reduction without diamond strips. These strips can be clumsy for the user and uncomfortable for the patient. The single-sided design protects adjacent teeth from damage, helping ensure that only the preselected teeth are adjusted.Once the initial step has been completed, the 0.20 mm OS disc easily slides into the now-open contact to continue the procedure, followed as needed by the 0.30 mm and 0.35 mm discs to achieve the final desired opening.For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit comment on this product, go to