Coding with Kyle: D7960—Frenectomy

Feb. 10, 2021
This column from Kyle Summerford is designed to guide office managers through the tricky world of dental coding. There are nuances and correct ways to submit codes to insurance companies. This month we're reviewing new codes related to frenectomy.
Kyle L. Summerford, Editorial Director


D7961–Buccal/Labial Frenectomy

D7962–Lingual Frenectomy

  • Submitting a claim with x-rays is not enough to facilitate coverage and payment.
  • This code should be applied only when the procedure involves removing a patient’s frenum.
  • Dental insurance companies will refer to the patient’s plan limitations and exclusions when considering the dental claim.
  • This procedure is limited to once per lifetime, per tooth.
  • If reporting a connective tissue graft or pedicle graft on the same visit as the frenectomy, the frenectomy will be considered inclusive and no additional payment will be made.
  • A narrative should be included indicating the following:

        - Amount of gingival recession in millimeters

        - The severity of gingival inflammation

        - The level of sensitivity

        - Bleeding on probing

  • Pre-op and Post-op x-rays must always accompany the claim form; in addition, periodontal charting should be included.