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Welcome to new 'downloadable dental forms:' Patient refusal of treatment

May 18, 2016
Need new forms for your dental practice? This new section of Dental Assisting & Office Manager Digest will strive to provide helpful forms. And we welcome your forms that you have found to work best to share with your peers.

The first featured form is a Patient Refusal of Recommended Treatment.

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Welcome to our newest section of the Dental Assisting & Office Manager Digest e-newsletter. Each month we will feature a new downloadable form to help boost your practice efficiency. These will include patient treatment consent forms, medical history forms, financial agreement forms including third party financing forms, as well as office policy forms.

If you would like to share any forms you think will be helpful to your fellow OM’s and DA’s, we ask that you forward them to us for publication. Contact Kyle Summerford at [email protected], or Meg Kaiser at [email protected].

Feel free to download and tailor these forms to suit your practice.

The first featured form is from Christine Taxin at Links2Success, Refusal of Recommended Treatment. Ms. Taxin explains the form like this: Knowing that anyone at anytime can say they did not hear or understand your explanation of recommended treatment has led to many lawsuits. Using this form will help each of you prevent that from happening to you and your dental practice.

Download the Patient Refusal of Recommended Treatment form here, or you can click on the image above.