Broadview Networks provides communications solution for dental practice in Washington state

Dec. 2, 2013

Broadview Networks, a leading provider of cloud-based business communications services, was selected to upgrade the David R. Brown, D.D.S., dental practice communications system with OfficeSuite Dental. The new system integrates industry-leading Dentrix G5 practice management software from Henry Schein, Inc. and OfficeSuite, Broadview Networks’ award-winning cloud-based business phone system, to provide an all-inclusive communications system specifically designed for dental practices.

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When Dr. Brown of Yakima, Wash., decided that his practice needed a new phone system to streamline communications, Office Manager Katrina Vickers researched the available options to identify the most comprehensive solution that would meet Dr. Brown’s practice needs. She knew the practice needed a solution that was optimally efficient for staff, would be cost-effective for the business and would meet their goal of improving the patient experience.

According to Vickers, imperatives for the upgraded phone system were that it would noticeably improve employee productivity, offer robust features at a competitive price, and seamlessly integrate into the practice’s infrastructure. After careful consideration and research, Vickers and Dr. Brown chose OfficeSuite Dental, which met all of those requirements and also conveniently integrated with the practice’s patient management software — Dentrix G5.

“The fact that we were able to upgrade to a great phone system with a hands-free option that also integrated with our software was not only a step in the right direction but has also been affordable for a great value,” Vickers said. “The customer service from Broadview has been unbelievably phenomenal. The set-up process itself was very easy and very streamlined — Broadview handled everything for me. It has been an absolute pleasure.”

OfficeSuite Dental allows practice staff to efficiently prioritize phone calls, schedule appointments and even collect outstanding balances. With OfficeSuite Dental, an automatic pop-up window is triggered on the practice PC when a patient calls. This window displays important patient records, including family history, appointments and clinical details, prescriptions, and account balance information. This helps dental practice staff improve employee efficiency by having the most relevant information at their fingertips. It also helps enhance patient satisfaction by avoiding data entry errors and reducing the amount of time spent on the phone during routine calls.

The new system improved the way Dr. Brown’s front desk operates and the ease with which staff are able to service customers. “[OfficeSuite Dental] definitely helps improve our patient care and our correspondence by making everything so much quicker,” said Vickers. “We are able to remind patients about account balances, schedule appointments, and inform them of upcoming family member appointments. We are able to be so much more thorough in our conversations, rather than constantly putting patients on hold to reference such information.”

OfficeSuite Dental also makes the receptionists’ lives easier because of the system’s built-in reminders. “My colleague and I take turns going to lunch,” Vickers explained. “We used to leave each other sticky notes with messages of appointment cancellations, outstanding account balances and so on. But now, when we come back from lunch, we can see who called through our OfficeSuite Dental notifications flashing on the screen, and we’re able to pick up those conversations from there.

“I would absolutely recommend OfficeSuite Dental to any office because it has saved us so much time and effort in the easiest ways. I just couldn’t be more pleased with the product and with the customer service.”

To learn more, visit the OfficeSuite Dental website. OfficeSuite Dental is available through Henry Schein, and Broadview phone systems are available as part of the Henry Schein TechCentral portfolio of computer and business technology solutions.

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