Dental journal goes electronic for manuscript submissions

Nov. 17, 2005
The Journal of the American Dental Association has introduced an electronic system for manuscript submission and review.

The Journal of the American Dental Association's (JADA) system for handling manuscripts, long dependent on paper and postage, has been streamlined to save time, money—and trees.

In November, JADA introduced an electronic system for manuscript submission and review called JADA Manuscript Central. The online system uses software developed by ScholarOne, a Web-based workflow management provider for scholarly publications.

"Manuscript Central will enhance JADA's efficiency by speeding the process of manuscript handling," said Dr. Michael Glick, JADA editor.

"Until now, we have relied heavily on the postal system and overnight express in our contacts with authors and manuscript reviewers," he added. "Now, everything can be handled through e-mail. This will mean faster turnaround times, lowered costs and much less paperwork."

Using Manuscript Central, JADA authors and reviewers will receive all correspondence—including deadline reminders and notifications of manuscript status—via e-mail. Authors will submit their manuscripts and all related documents using a secure and confidential online JADA manuscript application.

Not only will the new system save on paper, postage and review time, it also will help make JADA more responsive to the needs of its readers, said Dr. Glick.

"Our new online manuscript handling process will reduce the time between receipt of a manuscript and actual publication," said the JADA editor. "Speeding the process will allow us to get useful, current information to our readers in a more timely fashion."

On the launch of the new system, authors with manuscripts already in review and reviewers already on JADA's rolls received an e-mail notification that the site was available. They also were supplied with user IDs and passwords for logging into the site.

JADA will continue to accept hard-copy submissions as authors and reviewers get accustomed to the new system. Following a grace period, however, manuscripts will be accepted exclusively through JADA Manuscript Central, which offers an online help center and telephone support. The JADA editorial office (973) 972-0651 also can provide assistance.

"We will be working closely with our authors and reviewers to help them get acquainted with the new system," said Dr. Glick. "We expect the transition to an online process to run smoothly and painlessly."