Curve Dental develops new mobility technology

Feb. 22, 2013
Dentists can access practice schedule and patient contact information with Apple or Android smartphones.

OREM, Utah--Curve Dental, developers of Web-based dental software, have announced that customers are scheduled to receive mobile access to key practice information via Apple or Android smartphones.

This will allow doctors to change, create, or delete appointments, as well as view patient contact information when away from the office at no additional cost to the customer.

“Our mobility features are specifically designed to provide a level of convenience and flexibility that fit the doctor’s lifestyle,” said Ian Zipursky, president of Curve Dental.

“With our technology, Curve Dental customers are better able to deliver quality health care beyond the walls of their practice. Our customers have taught us that dentistry is a profession and a passion, not a nine-to-five job. Having key information available at any time from anywhere helps our customers build an exceptional practice.”

With Curve Dental’s mobility technology, customers can view, edit, delete, or add appointments to schedules. Changes to schedules are synched and reflected across all devices accessing the same database. Customers can also view basic patient information, such as contact information and patient pictures.

Doctors can call or send an e-mail message to customers with one-touch functionality. Future development plans include access to patient images. Curve Dental’s mobility technology is compatible with Apple and most Android smartphones as a Web application.

To access practice information using a smartphone, Curve Dental customers navigate to the same login page as they would if they were on a regular computer. The technology recognizes that the page is being accessed by a mobile device and then displays a compatible login screen.

User names and passwords are the same whether the customer is logging in with a smartphone or with a computer. After a period of 30 minutes of inactivity, a customer is automatically logged out.

Curve Dental customers can use the new mobility technology at no additional charge. The service is included with a customer’s monthly subscription fee to the company’s practice-management system. With a successful completion of planned field testing, the company intends to make the technology available in stages, the first to be ready in early 2013.

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