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Dental Anywhere mobile apps address the hygiene recall problem

Jan. 16, 2014
Dental Anywhere mobile app reminds patients it's time for a dental visit

Dental hygiene is the bread and butter of every dental office. It’s the department where relationships are made, education is relayed, and disease is diagnosed. Without it, dentists might have difficulty with patient retention and keeping the practice busy.

Therefore, it’s important to have a good working recall program. Ideally, every office would like patients to reappoint for their next appointment at the time of service. However, that doesn’t always happen. People slip through the cracks, and relying on practice management software to get those patients back has its pitfalls.

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Dental Anywhere Mobile Apps™ was thinking of this when they created their new Hygiene Recall feature. This feature is a valuable addition to their mobile app products because it acts as a net to catch those nonappointed patients when all other recall systems have failed.

This feature is automatically implemented when a patient registers to use the downloaded mobile app. Within six months of downloading, users are alerted through push notification technology that it’s time for their next appointment. Patients can also choose a four- or three-month recall if they need to be seen sooner by the hygienist.

“Time and time again, patients go ‘MIA’ for a year or two,” said Tanya Stein, RDH, of Dental Anywhere. “More often than not it’s because they didn’t realize how much time had passed and the office didn’t contact them. With the hygiene recall feature, there are no more excuses. Patients download the app, and then three, four, or six months go by and the app reminds them that it’s time to come in.”

It’s no easy task to keep track of every patient in an office, and the Hygiene Recall feature reinforces these efforts. Offices using this technology have another layer of prevention against the loss of relationships, opportunity to care, and revenue associated with daily production. Essentially, it keeps patients informed on their health care needs, and gets them on the schedule and in the chair.

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