Carestream all-new solutions

Sept. 8, 2010
Solutions include Rethink Practice Workflow with scheduler, eForms and eReminders.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Carestream Dental, manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, is rolling out three, all-new solutions for office workflow for dental professionals.

Carestream Dental’s new Scheduler, eForms, and eReminders solutions help practices realize savings in time and money, reduce clerical errors, and improve patient care and customer service.

Carestream Dental plans tointroduce these solutions to industry professionals Sept. 9 – 11, 2010, at CDA Presents, the biannual meeting of the California Dental Association in San Francisco, Calif. Attendees also can see demonstrations of how these advances take dental practice management.

“Together, these three solutions improve communication among the professionals that staff the typical dental practice and better connect dentists to their patients,” said Robert Patrick, director, product line management, Carestream Dental.

“The challenges dental offices faced 20 years ago are still present--getting your patients scheduled and keeping your chairs full--but thanks to the advancement of technology, doctors are ready to make a change. We understand those challenges, and we are focused on improving and optimizing the most critical and repetitive workflows.”

Research has found that 78% of patients calling a practice are contacting the office to discuss their appointments. Consequently, the person answering a practice’s phone is involved in another task almost 100% of the time and must refocus their attention to the patient calling.

The Carestream Dental Scheduler, scheduled to be available for SoftDent and PracticeWorks practice-management software in early 2011, allows intuitive multi-tasking for smooth transitions between administrative duties and places a library of patient information at office administrators’ fingertips.

The Scheduler solves real-world workflow slowdowns using simple technology. By streamlining office processes, the Scheduler helps to ensure that chairs are filled.

In addition, Carestream Dental’s eForms not only advances paperless initiatives within the dental practice but also help streamline the time-consuming process of completing patient preregistration forms. Anticipated for market release in fall 2010, practice professionals can use eForms to create patient registrations, medical histories, consent forms, and HIPAA forms.

eForms enables patients to complete their registration paperwork online and at their convenience--either at home or a computer kiosk in a dental office--prior to an appointment. Following submission, a patient’s registration information imports directly into an office’s SoftDent practice-management software, improving accuracy, helping eliminate time wasted by manually reentering the information, and saving the practice supply costs. Patients can then digitally sign the form when they arrive for their appointment.

With Carestream Dental’s eReminders, dental professionals gain the ability to automate patient reminders for upcoming appointments. This decreases no-shows and last-minute cancellations. It also boosts production and increases time available for patient care.

The flexibility of eReminders lets patients choose whether to receive reminders via a text message, voice mail, or e-mail message. This enables the most successful preferred means for each patient. Since each is a paperless option, this further saves practices the cost of materials and postage for mail notifications.

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