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CareCredit CD on reducing stress

June 18, 2010
Free educational audio CD entitled Stress Less and Produce More features Sandy Pardue.
COSTA MESA, California--CareCredit, a leading patient payment program, is offering a free educational audio CD.The CD, entitled Stress Less and Produce More, features Sandy Pardue. Pardue is director of consulting with classic practice resources. With mroe than 25 years of practical experience in the dental field, Pardue has assisted dental teams with practice expansion and staff development and is known for her comprehensive approach to increasing efficiency and production.During the 60-minute audio program, Pardue discusses three key practice issues that create chaos and stress for the team including open time in the schedule, patient retention and low case acceptance. “We know every dental practice experiences some level of stress,” Pardue said. "But stress, left unchecked, can not only affect you and your team’s attitude, but it can also significantly impact team performance, the patient experience, and long-term loyalty."Drawing from her hands-on experience, Pardue explains how to minimize gaps in scheduling, uncover patients’ hidden concerns, ways to improve patient retention, and why it’s important that patients always finish their appointment by setting their next appointment with the practice.For more information, call (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 or visit read more about CareCredit, go to CareCredit.To comment on this product, go to