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July 1, 2010
iDPM 2.1 from Sikka Software allows appointments, key performance indicators, and real time benchmarking.

MILPITAS, California--iPhone Dental Practice Monitor v2.1 from Sikka Software Corporation can display appointments, benchmarking, and key performance indicators from a dental practice automatically and for free.

This enhanced version, available at the Apple App store, simplifies accessing percentile benchmarking data from more than 6,000 installations of Sikka, key performance indicators for major dental practice business ratios, and viewing of details of the application, partners and dental optimization applications.

Enhancements include the ability to automatically read appointments, procedures to be performed, and expected production on your iPhone or iPod. You can also review offline and online key performance indicators and
benchmarking numbers in tabular and graphical form.

Sikka is continuing to improve this application and plans to add many more capabilities in the future. Desktop Dental Practice Monitor, available from, can be loaded on user machines and appropriate authentication codes activated. These applications and service are free.

"You don't have to pay to see your patient appointments, key performance indicators, schedule, benchmarking and production values on your iPhone or iPod mobile device," said Vijay Sikka, Sikka Software Corporation CEO.

"This update extends our desktop Dental Practice Monitor gateway to iPhone users in several ways, and includes some of the top feature requests we have received."

In the last six years, Sikka has introduced onDemand products for business optimization, clinical benchmarking, and fee optimization for the dental industry, including and

iDPM's capabilities and features include:

*Monitoring current and future two days of appointments and production

*Monitoring practice KPIs with click of a button

*Online and offline capability

*Reviewing latest percentile (national data) remotely

iDPM for iPhone is available as a free download from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

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