Doctors go viral

Jan. 23, 2009
vSling video testimonial tool offers doctors access to new channels for acquiring patients.

LEHI, Utah--Smile Reminder, the nation's leading comprehensive patient communication service, recently unveiled a product in industry technology.

vSling, a digital tool for capturing and distributing video testimonials, can be used to upload video patient testimonials onto popular platforms such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! Video.

This new tool provides doctors with an effective business strategy for increasing new-patient acquisition and search engine visibility.

vSling allows doctors from many industries (e.g., dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, and eye care professionals) to capitalize on the emerging new media trend that has refocused the way businesses cater to consumers, such as dental patients.

As the most recent addition to the Smile Reminder Platform, this patent-pending technology enables a practice to capture patient video testimonials and instantly distribute them across the Web's many video sharing sites. This includes YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Videos, AOL Video and Truveo.

A new report from Reston-based market research Comscore confirmed YouTube as the second most widely used search engine.

"Most health-care offices are driven by word-of-mouth and patient satisfaction, and vSling allows our subscribers just that," said Jim Higgins, CEO of Smile Reminder. "By harnessing new media, Smile Reminder is able to solidify a practice's presence and does so on a much larger and more effective scale."

vSling is not only expected to drive new patients and impact the way doctors use technology to boost their practices, but it is aimed to enhance confidence in the doctor and staff. With the installation of a webcam at a practice's front desk, patients can record testimonials as they come and go from appointments.

Patients also can access the recording tools from home and/or any place with an Internet connection. Smile Reminder automatically codes the recorded video clips with relevant search titles and words and then publishes them to the Web. These testimonials can be located by people searching for doctors in their local area.

If a potential new patient performs a search for doctors in Austin, Texas, the returned results will likely include patient video testimonials that give personal feedback about their experience with their doctor. The vSling tool essentially produces hundreds of commercials, which are broadcast free across the world.

"I can't wait to get this new technology into my practice," said Dr. Ron Kaminer, of Long Island, N.Y. "I love the idea of having my current patients do word-of-mouth advertising on the Internet. Personal testimonials and referrals are the most effective way I can acquire new patients."

The features in the Smile Reminder service allow offices to streamline their daily routine and strengthen doctor/patient relationships through the following personalized features: automated appointment reminders and confirmations, cancellation notices, birthday messages, e-newsletters, e-surveys, prospect marketing and custom promotions, patient recall/recare, patient referrals and even an online portal where patients can pay bills, request new appointments, exchange secure messages or download photos, X-rays, and office forms.

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