Patterson EagleSoft Version 11.00 released

Sept. 17, 2004
Enhanced version of practice-management and clinical software now available.

Patterson EagleSoft Version 11.00 is now available from Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., completing the most advanced collection of technological products for the dental office -- including hardware, software and digital devices.

Patterson EagleSoft customers will be greeted by new virtual screens for both the practice management and clinical portions of the software -- allowing users to navigate quickly and efficiently. In addition, customers will notice more advanced scheduling features, including the Appointment Queue, which moves and copies appointments, allows scheduling of family appointments and queues unscheduled appointments. Another new feature named SmartDoc delivers digital convenience when working with documents. Now, users can create original digital document templates that can be digitally signed and that are unable to be altered. Plus, any document that can be printed, such as a statement or financial report, can be saved in the SmartDoc file for patients, providers or the practice.

According to Patterson EagleSoft Marketing Specialist Anne Mansfield, Patterson EagleSoft Version 11.00 has many new enhancements that will help dental offices fine-tune their digital systems.

"Patterson EagleSoft continues to listen to its greatest source of advice regarding new or improved features -- our customers," said Mansfield. "The new and improved features in Patterson EagleSoft Version 11.00 have been designed to help facilitate the efficient running of the practice's front office, while providing further integration and more digital options with the clinical side of the software."

Mansfield added, "With Version 11.00, Patterson EagleSoft remains committed to being the leader in digital technology for the dental office, supplying hardware, software and digital devices, complete with direct integrations, all for the benefit of the dental practice."

Patterson EagleSoft 11.00 Enhanced Features
SmartDoc -- The document manager allows you to create and save new documents for patients, providers and for the practice. Practices can save an electronic copy of any document or report printed from the software. Also, it's possible to create document templates and attach electronic signatures to documents using the digital signature pad. Offices with Microsoft Office can create new Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents within EagleSoft. SmartDoc gives your practice the tools you need to be paperless in an efficient manner.

OnSchedule -- The fully customizable toolbar gives you quick access to the Day or Week at a Glance views, the Quick Fill List, and the Appointment Search window. Easily schedule Family Appointments or move existing appointments with drag and drop functionality using the Appointment Queue.

Messenger -- The entire office is capable of communicating via instant messaging on any workstation in the office. Separate operatories can communicate to each other without leaving the treatment area, including from operatory to front desk. An audible signal is heard when a message is received from another workstation in the office, making it easy to know when a co-worker needs to discuss something.

Clinical Features -- Along with adding a new Instrumentarium® panoramic and intraoral sensor digital integration, Patterson EagleSoft now allows users to mass export images. Additional features like Histogram make enhancing images for improved diagnosis even easier.

For more information about Patterson EagleSoft Version 11.00, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit the website at