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March 1, 2006

Sirona releases SIROLaser®

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Sirona Dental Systems has received FDA 510(k) approval to sell its SIROLaser in the United States. The new SIROLaser diode laser caters to a broad spectrum of applications in endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. It is compact, easy to use, and offers outstanding value. SIROLaser’s compact dimensions and low weight (just under 1 lb.) enable it to be placed directly on the dentist’s element for easy integration into treatment workflow. SIROLaser operates at a wavelength of 980 nanometers and has a power output ranging from 0.5 to 7 watts. The easy-to-use control menu makes it simple to set treatment parameters. The most frequently used clinical applications are preset. The operator can either use the foot control or the finger switch on the ergonomic handpiece.

SIROLaser is the ideal addition for conventional root canal treatment, significantly reducing the bacterial population in root canals and dental tubules. This bactericidal effect also can be used to treat infected gingival pockets and contaminated implant surfaces (periimplantitis). It also can be used for frenectomy, crown lengthening, smile contouring, gingivectomy, gingival recontouring, sulcular debridement, treatment of aphthous ulcers, gingival troughing, removal of fibromas, operculectomies, and to coagulate granulation tissue.

For more details, including a special program offer, call (800) 659-5977.

New Cavitron® Plus™ ultrasonic scaler system

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DENTSPLY Professional and Cavitron introduce the new Cavitron Plus - the next generation of intelligent ultrasonic scalers. Cavitron Plus offers innovative features that allow clinicians to be more effective and efficient. The ergonomic 360˚ dual-mode wireless foot control can be activated from any angle. The illuminated diagnostic display lets you know at a glance which mode is active, and alerts you to any set-up or system errors. The new rinse setting enables you to flush the pockets; and the purge function helps you minimize between-patient set-up time. These enhancements, combined with established features such as Sustained Power System™ (SPS) technology, hands-free Boost mode, and ultra-low power Blue Zone™ range provide the quality and reliability you expect from Cavitron systems.

For more information, call (800) 989-8826 or visit

Versatile new KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 printer

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Dental professionals can produce high-quality, high-impact prints of their digital images quickly and easily using a new printer from Kodak. The KODAK PROFESSIONAL 1400 Digital Photo Printer produces continuous tone, high-resolution prints of digital photographic and radiographic images, as well as intraoral video still images for dental practices and labs. The compact, easy-to-use printer features rapid printing speeds, flexible print formatting, dry imaging technology to eliminate smearing and drying time, and special protective laminate for durable and archival prints. In addition, the KODAK 1400 printer is economical to use, with a low price per print. The number of prints per Print Kit never varies, regardless of image complexity and density.

The printer easily integrates with Kodak’s full suite of imaging software and solutions, enabling practice staff to print dental images to document cosmetic procedures, referral communications, case presentations, and patient education materials. The KODAK 1400 printer is backed by a one-year limited warranty and Kodak’s expert service and support. For more information, call (800) 944-6365, visit, or contact your regional KODAK products representative.

New Dual Point Flashes for Canon and Nikon cameras from Lester Dine

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The Dual Point Flashes offer unique flexibility in dental lighting and superb illumination of the full range of cosmetic dental photographs. They may be tilted and angled to provide anterior illumination never before seen in dental flashes. For cosmetic dentistry, the flash can be angled to create shadowing to enhance full smile and anterior close-ups. The light is capable of showing the structure of teeth - not seen with typical ring flashes - creating highly descriptive photographs for superior laboratory communication.

The Flash is i-TTL-capable and will work on both 105 mm and 60 mm macro lenses. In addition, the light offers a flash compensation and ratio control for desired lighting effects and manual flash metering. The Flash is designed to function on Nikon models D70, D70s, and D200, and Canon’s XT Rebel and 20D digital SLR camera systems. Lester A. Dine Inc. offers complete kits featuring the digital SLR camera, 105 mm macro lens, and the Dual Point Flash along with all necessary dental and computer accessories. The Flash is also sold separately for current owners of Nikon and Canon digital SLRs.

For more information, call (800) 624-9103 or visit

KaVo COMPACTtorque 636CP handpiece

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KaVo Dental introduces the COMPACTtorque 636CP - a non-optic, fixed-back, high-speed handpiece. The new handpiece features a precision-balanced turbine and high torque (13 watts) for optimum balance between speed and torque. This power balance delivers faster, more consistent cutting, leading to smoother preparations. The durable, push-button auto chuck safely grips the bur for excellent handling, and the standard four-hole connection adapts easily to any standard tubing. The powerful handpiece with its standard head size is ideal for crown and bridge preparations, and comes at an attractive price.

For more information, call (888) ASK-KAVO (275-5286) or visit

Team approach to digital photography and learning

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Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. and Dental Learning Centers (DLC) have partnered to supply dental offices with a complete digital photography solution - the Canon® DentalFoto™ Digital Camera Kit. The Canon DentalFoto Digital Camera Kit is optimized through custom programming and a proprietary lens extension manufactured by DLC to assist clinicians in achieving accurate and professional photos that are ideal for patient case photos. Precise and lightweight, the Canon PowerShot A620 camera offers 7.1 megapixels, weighs slightly more than 12 ounces, and features a 4X optical zoom.

The complete kit includes the Canon PowerShot A620 camera, proprietary lens extension, close-up lens set, lens cap, two sets of rechargeable batteries, and a trickle battery charger. It also includes three Secure Digital memory cards, a card reader/writer, custom aluminum carrying case, and dental photography manual.

For more information, call (800) 873-7683 or contact your local Patterson Technology representative.

Satelec® Mini LED™ curing light

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The Satelec Mini LED Curing Light is now available as an integrated option for A-dec™ 500® delivery systems. Incorporating the latest in LED technology, the Mini LED uses a single light-emitting diode that generates (with optional booster light guide) up to 2200mW/cm2 over a wide light spectrum (420 nm to 480 nm), making it the most powerful lamp on the market and one of the only lights able to polymerize almost all types of composite material currently available.

Its ergonomic handpiece is comfortable and makes handling easy during all phases of restoration. The durable, anodized aluminum housing contains no fan, so it’s silent, self-cooling, shock resistant, and easy to clean. The autoclavable light guide is available in universal (7.5 mm) or booster (5.5 mm) sizes.

For more information, visit or call (800) 547-1883.

Customize your dental microscope requirements

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Harris Discount Supply, Ltd. offers a full line of quality, affordable microscopes. Optics are available in stereo, stereo zoom, and trinocular for visual display applications. Mounting options range from the Harris-manufactured floating arms to laboratory stand, and vertical pillar and cross arm. You may select lighting from halogen, fiberoptic, and fluorescent. Custom-made mountings also are available. Photographic and video-imaging systems can be designed to meet your educational and promotional requirements. All microscopes come with a lifetime warranty, and prices start at $549.

For more information, call (800) 227-8524 or visit

Medical Waste Machine offers numerous advantages

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The Medical Waste Machine system replaces expensive, ongoing medical waste removal cost, which increases regularly and incurs a cost to you forever. This system can save small and large practices up to 90 percent annually. The Medical Waste Machine system improves liability exposure because there are no sharps on site, thanks to the sterilization process that converts the medical waste to ordinary waste immediately. Also, the system makes an important environmental contribution because the waste going to the landfill is not only reduced in volume by an average of 75 percent, but is sterile as well. By saving you money, eliminating your liability (for which you are responsible during your entire career), eliminating your paper work, and improving the environment, this machine offers an unequivocal number of advantages over medical waste carriers.

Call Medical Innovations, Inc. toll-free in the U.S. at (866) 223-5858, PIN 3010 or (508) 358-8099.

New Eclipse powered mobile storage

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Spacesaver Corporation is setting a new standard in powered high-density mobile storage (HDMS) with the introduction of the Eclipse Powered System™. The Eclipse system is “Power Made Easy™” because of its automation and simplicity, making powered storage easier and more affordable for decision-makers in a diverse range of industries.

The Eclipse Powered System has been engineered “from the floor up” with the latest technology, resulting in menu-based configurability, meaning buyers can choose features and options on an “a la carte” basis to build the system they need. The modular design also allows the flexibility for future upgrades. The system has better reliability thanks to fewer moving parts, non-contact limit switches (replacing mechanical switches), no-touch circuit boards, and improved engineering to handle heavy use day in and day out.

For more information, call (800) 492-3434 or visit

CEREC® Chairline integrates the treatment center

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CEREC by Sirona has enjoyed more than 20 years of unequivocal clinical success, with more than 9 million restorations placed worldwide. With new CEREC Chairline - the complete integration of CEREC into the C8+ treatment center - Sirona sets new standards in system integration. The CEREC Chairline module, including the camera, is located behind the monitor. With this design, the camera is always close at hand. A separate acquisition unit is no longer necessary. The workflow is comfortable because patient consultation and explanations can be immediately followed by CEREC treatment. A dual-function foot switch attached to the treatment center foot control operates the camera. The design steps can be carried out either via the trackball located on the treatment center or on the PC in the operatory. The CEREC camera can be easily removed and attached to other CEREC-prepared C8+ treatment centers in the practice.

For more information, call Jen Clark at (704) 587-0453, ext. 148, e-mail [email protected], or visit

TG Group introduces table-top film X-ray processor

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The DentalMAX professional-grade, table-top processor was designed by Hope Technology to deliver high output in a compact space. It handles all dental film, sizes “0” through panoramic and cephalometric. Processing throughput potential is 3,000 No. 2 films (or 99 8” x 10” films) per hour in a footprint of just 18” x 32.” The quiet, powerful, low-energy dryer easily dries film under any condition. A dual replenishment system allows the user to choose to replenish automatically or manually by push-button back up. Separate drains provide for quick draining of solutions and easy use of silver recovery systems. With the optional closed-loop system, no external plumbing is required. The automatic energy- and water-saving standby system has a built-in jog feature that allows manual operation back up. A light-tight feed cover reduces darkroom time, and a daylight loading box is available.

The DentalMAX processor plugs into any standard wall outlet and is 20” tall (without base). It is supported by a worldwide dealer sales and service network. A three-year warranty covers all parts. For more information, call (800) 388-6236.

Jetlite 5000 LED curing light by J. Morita

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The high-intensity Jetlite 5000, from J. Morita, cures up to 5 mm of restorative materials in just 5 to 10 seconds. A reliable heat-management system ensures constant performance for three modes - fast, standard, and ramp - to cover all indications. User-friendly, Jetlite’s lightweight, cordless handpiece reduces fatigue, while large buttons provide ease of operation while wearing gloves. Other features include an autoclavable light guide tip, digital display, a built-in intensity meter, and more than 60 minutes of operation with a single charge.

For more information, call 888-JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.

Revolutionary silicone-based flexible keyboard

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Bash it, bump it, splash it, wash it! - GrandTec’s Virtually Indestructible Keyboard (VIK) still computes. The secrets to its appeal are flexibility, portability, affordability, and extreme durability. It can be easily carried almost anywhere - flattened out, rolled up, bent in half or just stuffed in a bag.

Most important, it’s virtually unbreakable. You can drop it, drive a car over it; spill water, coffee, soda, and more over its keys; clean it with soap and water, disinfect it, and still keep typing. The VIK is compatible with both PCs and Macs, requires no special software, and features real keyboard action and silent typing. The VIK combines state-of-the-art technology with practical design to produce the perfect keyboard. Its “flat-out” design eliminates wrist stress, and its extreme durability and features make the VIK perfect for nearly any application. The VIK is available nationally from major retailers with either a 109-key or 85-key layout.

For more information and disinfectant recommendations, visit For technical questions, call (214) 366-3496 or e-mail [email protected].

MCC Equipment intro-duces ortho chair

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MCC Equipment, manufacturers of the Elite Traverse™ patient chair, introduces the MCC orthodontic chair, which is designed to complement MCC orthodontic mobile and fixed cabinets. The new chair features a fixed pedestal base with manual height adjustment and a motorized adjustable back. The chair’s contour and upholstery ensures patient comfort while giving clinicians excellent access to the oral cavity. An adjustable headrest enables optimal positioning of the patient’s head. Folding articulating arms are available as an option.

The MCC orthodontic chair can accommodate all standard dental lights. The chair is available in a variety of colors of easy-care Naugahyde® upholstery. Operator stools in matching colors are also available. The product is covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available through most major dental product dealers. Call (800) 388-6236 or visit for more information.

RetroPan™ by SUNI provides digital upgrade path

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SUNI Medical Imaging, Inc. launches its “RetroPan by SUNI” film-to-digital conversion kit for panoramic X-ray. SUNI will be including the retrofit kit in its offering of digital-image sensors, digital-imaging software, and intraoral cameras. This cost-effective, high-performance retrofit solution enables dentists to go digital without having to throw away their existing panoramic X-ray unit, affording dental practices a quantum leap in efficiency and diagnostic imaging quality.

The retrofit kit has been approved by the FDA and is guaranteed to provide the clearest panoramic images on the market, made possible by Hybrid/CMOS chip technology, which provides the depth necessary to take multiple-layer images with just one scan. It is compatible with most of the film panoramic X-ray systems previously installed in North America.

Purchasers receive convenient same-day conversion service that includes converting the existing pan unit, installation of the RetroPan kit and imaging workstation, installing network and imaging software, and on-site staff training.

For more details, call (800) GET-SUNI or visit

Improved DWSPOE bypass system by O-SO PURE

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O-SO PURE has made improvements on the Whole Building Disinfection Bypass System. This point-of-entry (POE) system is designed with a ¾” single-handle bypass, 24-volt automatic shutoff valve, step-down transformer, and a water tap for any auxiliary equipment. An optional audible UV lamp-out alarm and a remote UV lamp indicator can be added.

Should you require a larger-size bypass system, contact O-SO PURE’s factory for more information. The programmable timers are preset for three flushes; in some instances the frequency of the flushes can vary depending on water quality. This system uses filtration to reduce sediments, chemicals, and cysts, followed by UV to prevent biofilm and meet ADA requirements. Annual maintenance is required. This system is protected by U.S. Patent 6,984,313,B 2.

For more details, call (866) 485-1805 or visit

Rite-Lite™ - L.E.D. shade matching light

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AdDent, Inc. introduces the Rite-lite shade matching light, which incorporates the latest L.E.D. technology to bring simulated north-sky daylight with a standardized color temperature of 5,500° K into your office. This small, handheld portable unit is simple to operate and uses standard AA batteries. Priced under $200, this unit will aid in eliminating costly and embarrassing remakes. With an L.E.D. life span of more than 30,000 hours, and 20 hours of standard battery capacity, this unit is virtually maintenance-free. The Rite-lite comes with neutral color tabs that are placed behind the teeth to further eliminate environmental color distractions.

For more information call (203) 778-0200 or visit

Orascoptic® announces new Zeon® Micro LumenArc™

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Orascoptic continues its tradition of providing innovative vision-enhancement solutions by introducing a new Zeon Micro LumenArc “High Definition” light system that has a new, lightweight headlamp and fiberoptic cable. This system consists of Orascoptic’s Zeon LumenArc light source and a new micro cable that weighs 0.3 ounces and contains a small .75” x .5” bezel. The micro cable is approximately half the size and weight of the regular cable, and provides up to 3,500 foot candles of power. Combine this new light system with an Orascoptic high-definition loupe - HiRes™ or HiRes Plus - for maximum visual acuity and depth-of-field.

Experience Orascoptic’s Superior Visualization™ Systems. Call (800) 369-3698 or visit to make an appointment with your local Orascoptic sales representative.

Arlink® releases new Series 8000 catalog

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Arlink, a world-class provider of ergonomic modular workstations, technical furniture, and material handling systems, announces the release of its new Series 8000 Modular Workstations and VSI Accessory System catalog. This 28-page, full-color catalog, which has been updated to feature Arlink’s latest product offerings, is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to all Series 8000 workstation configurations, options, and accessories.

Completely integrated and modular, Arlink Series 8000 Workstations ensure that users can always have the exact workstation they need. The new catalog is an ideal tool for configuring the best custom workstations for every application. From storage accessories and the VSI-8 Accessory System to ESD accessories, paint and trim colors, and Series 9000 companion cabinets, this new catalog is a complete resource. All Arlink catalogs and brochures may be ordered for delivery or downloaded in PDF format at Click on the Download Brochures link in the navigation bar.

The Starbright II L.E.D. headlight system by High Q Dental

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High Q Dental, the award-winning provider of headlight illumination systems for dentistry, introduces the new Starbright II LED headlight. It features a one-watt Luxeon LED, powered by three AA batteries, providing up to 40 hours of use per set. This lightweight system is available in a clip-on style to fit most popular magnification loupes, or mounted on a comfortable headband. The Starbright II system also accepts a back-up battery pack or a wall-transformer (both optional items). New color caps, available in green, blue, yellow, or black, bring color to the system and provide an easy-to-clean cover for the Starbright optic. Select your color preference when you order.

Its bright, white light is perfect for exam work, hygiene, as a back up, or for field work at schools, nursing homes, or on mission work. It’s small, compact, bright - and only $275.

For more information, visit or call (800) 775-3433.

New Odyssey® 2.4G diode laser

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Ivoclar Vivadent introduces the Odyssey 2.4G diode laser for soft-tissue applications. Featuring a revolutionary wireless power control, the Odyssey 2.4G is the most compact, portable, and affordable soft-tissue dental laser to date. With a laser wavelength of 810+/-20 nm, the Odyssey 2.4G has a high affinity for soft tissue, making it an invaluable tool for everyday soft-tissue applications. Odyssey 2.4G’s first-ever wireless power control allows greater flexibility in the operatory, without the hassle of another cord in an already limited space. The simplified control panel provides four convenient settings for simple programming of the three most commonly used settings, offering enhanced ease of use. The adjustable parameters also can be used in the manual setting.

For more details, visit

New solution to back and neck pain

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The ZACKBACK Posture Chair from the YogaBack Company provides a new solution to the high incidence of back and neck pain among dental hygienists. Unlike traditional lumbar support chairs, ZACKBACK features a multi-adjustable, dual back support system for achieving healthy work posture with optimal spinal stabilization.

Its sacral support - adjustable in height, depth, and angle - reduces stress to the lower back by stabilizing the pelvis in a neutral position and promoting activation of the deep lower abdominal muscles. Its thoracic support - adjustable in height and depth - reduces stress to the neck and upper back by elevating the rib cage and elongating the spine. As a result, a slumped, round back posture is corrected.

For more information, visit or call (800) SITTING (748-8464).

New from Success Essentials of Space Maintainers Laboratory

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Hear-Safe is a new and revolutionary hearing protection device that is an absolute must for all dentists, assistants, hygienists, and technicians who have concern for their long-term hearing. This new audio protection ear interleave uses the same technology used for professional musicians. It drowns out high-pitched handpieces, saliva ejectors, and air noise, but allows you to hear the human voice clearly. Invest in your future hearing and protect yourself from hearing damage. Each Hear-Safe is Custom made for comfort and engineered for protection. The Hear-Safe kit includes everything you need for long-term hearing protection, easy-to-follow video instructions, and an ear impression kit. To order, call (800) 423-3270.