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March 1, 2006

Einstein version 2 and Copernicus

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RF SYSTEM lab introduces the ALL-IN-ONE wireless digital imaging system. It is the simplest system to use in the dental market. Intraoral, extraoral, and X-ray film images are saved to a CF Memory Card. You can easily print out and export images with the CF memory card to your practice-management software. RF SYSTEM’s wireless technology allows you to keep your hands free of messy cables and wires while increasing the professional presentation of your practice.

For more information, call RF SYSTEM lab at (888) 219-0475 or visit

Patterson Dental Supply introduces Remote Support

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Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. introduces Remote Support, an online tool allowing Patterson technology customers to share their desktop with a Patterson support specialist for live support. Powered by WebEx, Remote Support enables customers to troubleshoot, send and receive files, or go through step-by-step training with a Patterson support specialist. During a Remote Support session, the Patterson support specialist can annotate and highlight information on the customer’s screen, view system information such as available RAM to ensure the customer has enough to support the software, or confirm the software has been installed properly.

Product testing has shown that Remote Support has the capability to reduce customer service call times by as much as 25 percent and increase single-call resolution by as much as 50 percent. Remote Support also uses a secure Internet connection that meets HIPAA standards for secure file sharing. Remote Support is available to Patterson EagleSoft, Patterson hardware, Schick digital X-ray, eMagine, and CEREC customers.

For more details, call (800) 475-5036 or your Patterson Technology rep.

ADSTRA introduces ADSTRA Imaging™ Version 5

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ADSTRA Systems has released Version 5 of its ADSTRA Imaging dental image management software, which enables dental professionals to capture, manipulate, and store images from various digital devices, intraoral or digital cameras, and flatbed scanners.

This module offers a number of new features. A Microsoft Word Reports Module linked within ADSTRA Imaging enables the user to create MS Word templates and utilize them by automatic transfer of selected images and associated image information into the templates. Version 5 also provides support for additional digital devices for capturing and management of images. These include Dr. SUNI intraoral sensor integration, OWANDY intraoral sensor and panoramic sensor integration, Digora OpTime integration including support for the PCT scanner, Universal Gendex control for all Gendex imaging devices, and more. For more information, call (800) 450-0220, or visit

Dental Infection Control Educators and Trainers Toolkit

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The Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) announces the availability of a Dental Infection Control Educators and Trainers Toolkit, a CD-ROM-based resource containing easy-to-use materials and instructions for creating and delivering effective programs and presentations. The new toolkit is designed to aid in the development and delivery of successful, high-impact infection control and safety training programs and presentations. It addresses everything from program creation and promotion to delivery and audience evaluation, and includes easy-to-follow templates and checklists.

The toolkit provides practical, “how-to” information to help increase the effectiveness of infection-control education in a variety of settings. It is useful for veteran presenters and educators, as well as those who are delivering training programs or “going to the podium” for the first time.

The toolkit is a resource for infection control educators, not an infection-control program. While it provides tips and materials educators will find useful in the development of a curriculum, it is not designed to serve as the curriculum.

To order, visit (see Resources/OSAP Store) or call (800) 298-6727. OSAP members receive a substantial discount.

Patterson expands CAESY Printables audience to non-CAESY customers

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Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. introduces CAESY Printables, printable versions of CAESY’s more than 200 multimedia presentations, to a wider audience. Previously only available to current CAESY DVD customers, the software is now being offered for sale to non-CAESY customers. CAESY Printables, first introduced in July 2005, enables dentists and their staffs to create printable versions of CAESY’s multimedia presentations that patients can take home for discussion with family members and decision makers. Each one- to two-page CAESY Printables presentation comes with full-color photos and is available with either English or Spanish text. The CD-ROM program can be quickly and easily installed on any number of computers throughout the office. Single or multiple presentation copies can be branded and printed with a practice’s name and logo.

For more information, visit or call (800) 444-6035.

Lexi-Comp® introduces ON-DESKTOP™ for dental professionals

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Lexi-Comp, Inc., has developed Lexi-Comp ON-DESKTOP, a computer software program for delivering drug information, drug interactions, and quick-reference clinical content to dental professionals at the point-of-care. ON-DESKTOP delivers the most current clinical reference information from Lexi-Comp’s comprehensive, real-time database, and is compatible with most popular practice-management systems.

The ON-DESKTOP solution is designed to allow dental staff members to quickly and easily verify drug information and important drug interactions, as well as save patient-specific drug profiles to their local computers or network servers. This versatile platform enables access to Lexi-Comp’s top-rated information when working from a location with or without consistent Internet access. ON-DESKTOP provides expanded searching and reporting capabilities, and updates can be automatically obtained from Lexi-Comp’s servers on a scheduled or on-demand basis. It also provides the same functionality and consistency of information across all PCs, Tablet PCs, and laptops.

The company’s commitment to the dental profession resulted in a 100 percent rating from Clinical Research Associates, Inc., for the industry-leading information provided in Lexi-Comp’s Dental Reference Library materials - Drug Information for Dentistry, Oral Hard Tissue Diseases, Oral Soft Tissue Diseases, and Dental Office Medical Emergencies. These resources, plus several additional dental databases, are all available through the ON-DESKTOP software.

For more information, call (800) 837-5394 or your Lexi-Comp rep.