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Jan. 1, 2006

Patterson EagleSoft introduces Live Help

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Patterson Dental Supply introduces Live Help, an online support tool for Patterson EagleSoft, enabling customers to interact in real time with support specialists at the Patterson Technology Center. Live Help support is user-friendly and efficient, offering customers a way to quickly and easily answer their questions without picking up the phone. Users may access Live Help directly from within Patterson EagleSoft, or visit, select Doctor SmileGood, and choose from the list of supported products including practice management, clinical, digital, eBiz, Schick CDR, hardware, CEREC, or general Patterson inquiries. A chat window, similar to those of instant messenger services, will appear within seconds, connecting users to the first available support specialist.

Live Help is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST. For more information, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit

CAESY Smile Channel DVD 2006

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Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. releases CAESY Smile Channel DVD 2006, the latest in patient education programming for the reception area. Smile Channel DVD 2006 has 12 new and 11 updated presentations. New presentation topics include onlays, orthodontics, and DIAGNOdent. There also are eight new station breaks, featuring subjects such as sensitive teeth, sealants, and bonding. Smile Channel DVD 2006 contains two new original programs: Hayley, a talk show that profiles dental success cases, and Science in Dentistry, a dental-education program with a charismatic host who keeps the presentations lively and interesting. In addition, Smile Channel DVD 2006 is now available in widescreen format.

For more information, visit or call (800) 444-6035.

AAA Web Builder offers much more

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Web sites are very powerful marketing tools for raising business effectiveness and increasing revenue. Sago Corporation offers a special promotion for dental offices to build a complete Web site for free, including domain name registration, five e-mails, and listings on more than 90 popular search engines (including Google, your local Yellow Pages, and major search engines specifically designed for patients seeking new dentists). There is no obligation. There are no long-term contracts; just a simple month-to-month agreement. There is no setup fee; just a small combined monthly hosting, service, and maintenance fee of $29.95. Now, even small offices can enjoy the high quality level of Internet Business Analysis - formerly available only to Fortune 500 companies.

For more details, call (818) 705-9825 or visit

Intraoffice communications enter 21st Century

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With the prevalence of computers in today’s practices, BlueNote Communicator has made intraoffice communications easier and more efficient than the dated, hard-wired light-panel systems at a fraction of the cost. For only $795, you can begin communicating via your computer network. Send pages alerting personnel when and where they are needed by playing personalized tones. You can even choose to send a typed message. BlueNote has created several communication options that are easy to customize and use. Operations flow seamlessly through your practice resolving the ongoing problem of intraoffice communication. Visit or call (469) 648-0172 for more information.

New! “Getting the Most Out of QuickBooks in Your Practice”

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Whether you’ve had QuickBooks sitting on the shelf for a while now, or are just considering using QuickBooks in your practice, this is the year to get going! With the new “remodeling” of the 2006 QuickBooks software, the accounting software has never been easier to use. And, it’s not just the QuickBooks software that has been remodeled. “Getting the Most Out of QuickBooks in Your Practice” manual is the comprehensive resource for practices, recommended for both novice and experienced QuickBooks users. Written by Susan Gunn, the manual explains the 2006 QuickBooks version in simple-to-understand language.

The manual contains all the information a practice needs for using QuickBooks to track practice finances. The author continues to provide products and services for QuickBooks competency through convention workshops, online training, manuals, guides, online international technical support, and onsite consulting.

Place your order online at, or by calling (817) 994-3167.

Patterson EagleSoft unveils Version 12.00 with advanced features

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Patterson EagleSoft Version 12.00 is now available from Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., extending the functionality and capabilities of the leading dental practice-management and clinical software. Users will find a variety of new and advanced features, including the informed consent module, designed to track patient acknowledgement and acceptance of treatment recommendations. It also features the EagleSoft Today desktop day planner, which allows users to view and create appointments, tasks, and postop calls in one centralized location. It also allows for advanced patient tracking - users can manage treatment recommendations, record CAESY presentation viewings, and generate recall cards for recurring treatments such as periodontal treatment, tooth whitening, and more.

EagleSoft now features 20 digital integrations, including a new direct integration with Soredex® OpTime. Version 12.00 allows for family-group services to be printed on one statement, and patient appointment cards can be printed directly from Patterson EagleSoft.

For more information, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit