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June 1, 2004

The Osteo Pillow™ by Crescent Products

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If you treat patients who have osteoporosis, osteo-penia, osteogenesis imperfecta, or any other painful bone-related illness of the head and neck, the Osteo Pillow is a must-have. It gently cushions the head and neck and offers support for patients who have difficulty bringing their heads to a reclined position in the dental chair. The Osteo Pillow is 2 inches thicker than Crescent's original Dental Headrest™, enabling elderly patients to rest comfortably and also making treatment easier for you.

The Osteo Pillow is made with memory foam, covered in medical-grade vinyl for easy cleaning, and features an elastic strap for secure positioning on the dental chair. It is available in teal green and beige. Cost is $59.95 each.

For more information, call (800) 989-8085 or visit

Lead Free X-ray apron offers advantages

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DUX Dental's Lead Free X-ray aprons are the result of a technologically advanced Xenolite alloy sheeting replacing antiquated leaded X-ray aprons. Constructed with a wear-resistant Microfiber front and a non-slip corduroy back, the Lead Free aprons exhibit the same attenuation of X-radiation as a leaded apron. Each apron weighs approximately 50 percent less than conventional aprons, can withstand most disinfectant liquids, and adds an esthetic advantage with the décor of dental offices.

In addition, the aprons are 100-percent recyclable and are safer for patients and operators due to the elimination of lead. Life expectancy is longer than conventional aprons when handled according to manufacturer's recommendations.

For more information or to place an order, call DUX Dental (offering Van R, Cadco, and Clive Craig brands) at (800) 833-8267.

DetecTar — first of its kind

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Ultradent Products, Inc., announces the release of DetecTar — the "first of its kind," subgingival, automated calculus-detection system. DetecTar will advance the detection and prevention of periodontal disease with the most accurate calculus-detection system available.

DetecTar relies on the specific signature of subgingival calculus. An optical fiber senses light reflected by calculus and converts it to an electrical signal to be analyzed. With visual and auditory signals, both clinician and patient are made aware of the presence of calculus.

The accuracy rate exceeds 91 percent above tactile methods of detecting calculus, even in the presence of blood or saliva. Demarcations on the probe give the clinician the ability to measure pocket depths as well as detect calculus — saving time. The probe handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

For more information, call (800) 552-5512.

The Demetron Shade Light

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You can experience lab-perfect shade matches in your own office with the Demetron Shade Light. Perfect, neutral light — North sky daylight — has been proven to be the best for judging true tooth color. It uses a tri-phosphors, RGB cold-cathode fluorescent lamp, 6,500°K. An ambient light card shows when your operatory lighting is correct and when you need to use the unit. A "look-through" aperture keeps surrounding light from affecting the final shade-reading, whether on one tooth or four; anterior or posterior. The unit is lightweight, cordless, and one-hand operable. Light output remains constant for 1½ hours with no gradual degrading. The "low battery" indicator informs you that the full charge has 3 to 5 minutes remaining.

For information, contact your dental dealer or call (800) KERR123 (537-7123).

Florida Probe System Version 4

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The ultimate in periodontal charting software now makes it even easier to increase profits by selling needed therapy! New features include ability to chart crowns, implants, and impacted teeth, and to even e-mail printouts. Tooth history printouts show the last six visits with changes and visual overlays of attachment levels. New "speed pass" feature allows recession/hyperplasia, pocket depth, bleeding, and suppuration to be entered at the same time. Six new treatment sheets, a graphical plaque summary chart, video training, improved patient education section, and letter-writing package make this a "must have" for every dental office!

For more information, call (877) 357-7623.

KINC universal tubing connector

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Described as the most convenient way to connect a dental handpiece tubing to a dental unit, the KINC connector will not revolutionize how dental unit tubing is used, but it will change how often and easy it is to install or replace them. Users may change tubing for any of the following reasons — color, length, design, infection protocols, damage, dental unit water line issues, or new handpiece attachments. Simply screw the old tubing off and screw the new tubing on.

Also, the KINC connector allows for conversion to fiberoptic or electric handpieces without paying for a service call. The device fits any current dental unit, and any manufacturer, dealer, or service technician can arrange the installation.

For more information, call Kinetic Instruments Inc. at (800) 233-2346, visit, or e-mail to [email protected].

New bluephase® LED curing light

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. is pleased to introduce the new bluephase® LED curing light, a cordless, high-output device designed to maximize efficiency. The easy-to-use device operates using a state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery, or the "Click-and-Cure" providing optional AC power.

The bluephase delivers the versatility of high-performance halogen lights, utilizing LED technology. Producing 1,100 mW/cm2, bluephase ensures reliable curing even under all-ceramic restorations and in deep proximal boxes. Its wavelength of 430 - 490 nm is suitable for all light-cured materials from Ivoclar Vivadent.

The unit allows continuous polymerization during the entire operation period of the battery (60 minutes). The Click-and-Cure feature allows fast conversion to AC power, providing the ultimate in curing confidence.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Sidekick™ cordless sharpener

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Hu-Friedy introduces an innovative new instrument sharpener for scalers and curettes — Sidekick™, The Smart Sharpener™.

The Sidekick is perfect for routine maintenance sharpening, and is the only power device with instrument guide channels and vertical backstops to help control blade angulation. These "template-like" features allow easy positioning and consistent sharpening every time. The small, compact device can be placed anywhere and requires minimal space.

The complete Sidekick kit (SDKKIT) consists of one Sidekick sharpening unit, user manual and instructional CD-ROM, ceramic sharpening stone, plastic test stick, magnifying lens, and two AA batteries.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

The L.E.D. Radiometer

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Kerr introduces the L.E.D. Radiometer from Demetron. Calibrated for all LED curing lights, this small, light-powered, handheld unit instantly and precisely measures any LED's radiant energy output in real milliwatts per centimeter squared.

Because the L.E.D. Radiometer measures relevant light output where it counts — at the tip — its diagnostic capacity is reliable, so your cure intensity will be right — every time.

For more information, call your authorized Kerr dealer or call (800) KERR123 (537-7123).

Surgical unit improves procedures

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Macan Engineering introduces Radio Surge®. The patient-friendly, spark-free cutting unit uses the same high technology used by surgeons in many hospitals.

Three different waveform settings provide uniform power output — cut, blend, and coag — providing versatility and predictability for a full range of procedures with unequaled safety.

Simple to operate, it provides superior clinical results while reducing chairtime. Radio Surge can be used for more than 25 procedures including three everyday procedures — elimination of cord packing in crown lengthening, complete gingivectomy in less than half the time of the conventional method, and teeth whitening.

The unit comes with six assorted interchangeable UltraFlex® bendable autoclaveable tips that allow precise cutting and tissue management. The unit is backed by a five-year, unconditional guarantee.

For free procedure and product brochures, call (773) 772-2000 or visit

DynaTorq® electric endo motor

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The new DynaTorq® electric endodontic motor connects to most apex locators, giving the clinician the capability and convenience to electronically monitor the root canal during instrumentation. The DynaTorq has 11 pre-set torque limits with automatic torque reverse providing confidence and reliable results. It also can be used with four different handpiece ratios with a speed range of 50 to 20,000 RPMs. The small, lightweight motor and push-button handpiece are fully autoclavable. The DynaTorq system carries Micro Motors' exclusive two-year warranty. For more information, call (800) 562-6204.

Pneumatic crown remover

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Dent Corp™ introduces its new Slim Line Easy Pneumatic Crown and Bridge Remover II. The new instrument can break the seal on any type of bonding cement with less chance of tooth fracture than traditional crown and bridge removers. Its rapid and repeating action prevents even elastic cements from reseating.

Automatic action enables clinicians to remove crowns and bridges in less time, without an assistant, drilling, or anesthesia. Restorations can be removed intact and are reusable with no damage to porcelain. Patients like it better, too — there are no shocks to the patient's head, it's quick, and completely painless. The Easy is autoclavable and maintenance-free.

The kit comes with several tips, air gauge, Flexi-wire set, carrying case, and instructional video. It has a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. For more information, call (800) 454-9244 or visit

EVA sensor in multiple sizes

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Dent-X's EVA intraoral digital sensor system is now available in a #1 size. The #1-size sensor is specially developed to fit in a child's mouth, as well as a patient with a small oral arch. The #1 sensor is interchangeable with the #2-size sensor and functions in the same docking station, providing an operatory with interchangeable sizes based on patient need and desired X-ray position.

For more information, call (800) 225-1702, visit, or e-mail to [email protected].

EagleSoft offers external USB hard drive

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Dental professionals who have struggled with storing digital files will now be able to back up records quickly and easily at the push of a button, thanks to the new Seagate 160 GB external USB hard drive from Patterson EagleSoft.

Certified for use with Patterson EagleSoft software and hardware, the external USB hard drive is a sophisticated storage solution. The pushbutton backup feature is faster and easier than any other method — simply stop the server engine, hit the backup button on the drive, and backup is completed automatically. Sold in a six-pack, each external USB hard drive can securely store up to 40,000 high-resolution digital images.

The unit can be connected and disconnected without turning off the computer for fast and convenient handling and transportation, and a simple on/off switch eliminates the guesswork of shutting down safely. The interlocking design can be stacked for compact storage.

For more information, contact your Patterson technology representative or visit

Reduces hand fatigue and stress

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ADMT (American Dental Medical Technology) announces availability of its dental hygiene instruments that reduce hand fatigue and stress.

The Intervention Line encompasses scalers, curettes, and diagnostic instruments. ADMT's instruments are made of medical-grade composite with a silicone-over-mold bond on the handle for ultimate gripping.

The Intervention Line comes in six bright colors for convenient color-coding. Only the highest grade Medalloy (440A) stainless steel is used for the working ends. All instruments accompany an unconditional warranty from manufacturing defects and have no limitations on sterilization method. ADMT offers the dental professional the opportunity to work with the manufacturer and purchase products directly.

For more information, visit www.admtech or call (888) 455-2368.

New Piezon® ultrasonic scaler implant tip

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EMS introduces a new ultrasonic scaling tip for implant cleaning. The core of the tip is made of stainless steel for strength and durability. A PEEK plastic coating provides safe and gentle treatment for implant surfaces. It is compatible with all EMS ultrasonic units, and attaches to the handpiece with a 120° endo chuck.

The new tip is autoclavable and comes in a pack of four. For more information, call (800) 367-0367 or visit

KODAK 8000C Digital Pan/Ceph system

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The KODAK 8000C Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System, formerly known as the TROPHYPAN C System, captures standard cephalometric views in seconds. Unlike systems that capture cephalometric views by scanning the patient, the KODAK 8000C uses no moving parts during image acquisition.

The new system features excellent image resolution and quality; two dedicated sensors — one for panoramic and one for cephalometric imaging — for easier operation and reduced chance of sensor misalignment; image size equivalent to an 18 x 24 cm (8 by 10 in.) image to support viewing of all points of interest; automatic soft-tissue filter; and motorized height adjustment and laser beam for precise positioning.

Its KODAK imaging software integrates with practice-management, cephalometric tracing, treatment-planning, and soft-tissue morphing software. It supports panoramic, TMJ, and maxillary sinus views as well as all standard cephalometric views: lateral, oblique, antero-posterior, postero-anterior, submento-vertex, and carpus.

For more information, call (800) 944-6365.

CEREC® 3D adds Culp tooth anatomy library

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CEREC® 3D recently added the precision craftsmanship of one of the nation's leading lab technicians into its latest three-dimensional platform. The Lee Culp Tooth Anatomy Library, found in the R1500 CAD/CAM software, provides users with the meticulous detail dentists would expect from one of the world's most respected authorities on natural tooth anatomy.

Comprised of anatomically correct structures for all 32 teeth, it provides users with an additional option to enhance esthetics. Each tooth was created by hand in wax, and then digitized for seamless integration with CAD/CAM technologies. The software continues to allow users to view, manipulate, change, and verify all aspects of the restoration before it is milled, assuring accurate, esthetic restorations.

For more information, contact your Patterson representative, or call (800) 873-7683

M&CC introduces NEO CLR cabinetry

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M&CC Modular and Custom Cabinets introduces the NEO CLR. These innovative cabinets are the answer to the dual challenge of incorporating computerization and accommodating left- and right-handed dentistry. NEO CLR cabinets have a rear-serve shelf with computer station and also feature Corian® countertops to help minimize cross-contamination.

Standard features include a four-port retraction system, dual-assistant work surfaces and instrumentation, three-handpiece auto control and syringe, and a medical-grade, flush-mounted monitor. A utility wall with 8-inch chase accommodates N2O systems and other devices. It features upper storage for tub and trays, lower CPU storage, and many configurations of drawer modules. NEO CLR series cabinets are available in 25" or 18" depth models to fit any size room.

For more information, call (905) 832-8311, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Compact CT system designed for dentists

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Imaging Sciences introduces i-CAT™, a new, compact cone beam, computed tomography system that provides 3-D, digital analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation. The i-CAT provides dentists with precise cross-sectional slices of maxillofacial structures, enabling them to select the most suitable implant type, size, and location.

The i-CAT is half the cost of medical CT units and with less radiation than traditional fanbeam CT systems. It requires less than 60 square feet of floor space, allowing dentists to keep the unit in-office, providing a complete solution for more thorough diagnosis and planning, as well as more predicable treatment outcomes.

Leasing options are available. For more information, call (215) 997-5666 or visit

Dentrix PowerPay credit card processor

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Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc. announces PowerPay integrated credit card processing software for dentists. This service offers competitive rates, supports recurring transactions, and automatically posts the credit payment in the DENTRIX Ledger. It is designed specifically to reduce receivables and transaction fees for accepting credit card payments.

The integration feature is a key benefit, saving office staff the unnecessary steps of keying in the information to the point-of-sale terminal as well as the patient's record.

For more information, visit

Partnering success in technology

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Tekscan and BioResearch have teamed up to provide a means for dentists to measure force, timing, and balance of the occlusion and craniofacial muscles simultaneously. The T-Scan/BioEMG Integration software synchronizes and integrates the clinical data of Tekscan's T-Scan with the electromyographic data of BioResearch's EMG unit. Together, they give a complete view of your patient's bite. The T-Scan and BioEMG plug right into your existing Windows-based PC or laptop. Vivid graphics display the balance of the bite and muscles in an easy-to-understand layout.

For more information, call (800) BITE NOW (248-3669) or visit