Kit to provide film to digital conversion of panoramic X-rays

Oct. 5, 2005
SUNI Medical Imaging will include the RetroPan retrofit kit in its offering of digital image sensors, digital imaging software and intraoral cameras.

Suni Medical Imaging, Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital radiography systems for the dental industry since the advent of practical digital radiography, will launch its "RetroPan by SUNI" film-to-digital conversion kit for panoramic X-ray units at booth #2320 and #1539 during the ADA 2005 Session in Philadelphia.

SUNI will be including the retrofit kit in its offering of digital image sensors, digital imaging software and intraoral cameras.

According to Suni Medical Imaging CEO Paul Suni, "There are thousands of dentists out there who have film panoramic X-ray systems and who are considering going digital.

This cost-effective, high-performance retrofit solution will enable them to go digital without having to throw away their existing panoramic X-ray unit. This affords dental practices a quantum leap in efficiency and diagnostic imaging quality."

The high-performance "RetroPan by SUNI" retrofit kit has been approved by the FDA and is guaranteed to provide the clearest panoramic images on the market. This is made possible by newly developed CCD/CMOS chip technology, which provides the depth necessary to take multiple layer images with just one scan.

RetroPan by SUNI is compatible with most of the film panoramic X-ray systems previously installed in North America.

"Because RetroPan is fitted to an existing film pan unit, it eliminates the need of dismantling, crating and shipping the unit," explains Suni. "This product should be of particular interest to group practice operators who want to avoid the cost of replacing film panoramic units and retraining staff in multiple locations."

Those who purchase "RetroPan by SUNI" receive convenient same day conversion service which includes:

* Converting the existing pan unit
* Installation of the RetroPan kit and imaging workstation
* Installing network and imaging software
* On-site staff training

For those who can't attend the ADA Meeting, full details are available by calling 1-800-GET-SUNI or by visiting