Partnership enables improved patient safety for dental practices

Nov. 22, 2006
Lexi-Comp and Discus Dental Software provide one-click access to drug information.

HUDSON, Ohio--It is estimated that dental professionals write more than 200 million prescriptions annually in the U.S., yet something has been missing – until now.

Lexi-Comp, Inc. and Discus Dental Software, a division of Discus Dental, are partnering to provide the very first practice management system for dental professionals with convenient one-click access to real-time drug information.

This alliance supports Lexi-Comp and Discus Dental's strategic commitment to providing integrated point-of-care tools that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

"Providing dental professionals with access to Lexi-Comp's industry-leading drug information through Discus Dental practice management software will improve patient safety by lessening the risk of adverse drug events," said Bruce Lieberthal, general manager, Discus Dental Software. "We are very excited to offer this unique functionality to customers and expect it to be very well received."

Lexi-Comp and Discus Dental Software have entered into a five-year agreement that provides customers with a seamless link from Discus Dental patient management system into Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry.

With one click, dental professionals can analyze a patient's medication list using the Lexi-Interact drug interaction module and Dental Lexi-Drugs, which provides monographs on more than 7,000 brand names used in the U.S. and Canada.

"Discus Dental Software is a leader in developing innovative software for streamlining dental practices and ensuring patient safety through electronic medical records," said Ryan Smith, director of business partnering, Lexi-Comp, Inc.

"With the increasing number of prescription drugs that are available, it is difficult for healthcare professionals to stay on top of every available drug. Together, Lexi-Comp and Discus Dental Software will provide convenient access to drug information to help dental professionals ensure patient safety."

Discus Dental software users will also gain access to these other dentistry related products from Lexi-Comp:

* Dental Office Medical Emergencies
* Clinician's Endodontic Handbook
* Oral Hard Tissue Diseases
* Oral Soft Tissue Diseases
* Manual of Clinical Periodontics
* Manual of Dental Implants
* Your Roadmap to Financial Integrity in the Dental Practices

* Lexi-Drug ID – Allows users to search more than 5,900 medication images based on color, shape, and markings
* Lexi-CALC – A series of medical calculators useful for making point-of-care decisions
* Adult-PALS/Pediatric-PALS – Patient advisory leaflets on medications, designed for consumer education purposes and written in a question-and-answer format for ease-of-use
* Web Search – A comprehensive medical search engine powered by Lexi-Comp

The Lexi-Comp functionality can be added to any Discus Dental Software Practice Management system, including AAOMS endorsed OMSVision for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, EndoVision for Endodontists, and PerioVision for Periodontists, with the purchase of a license for Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry.

Integration services can be purchased through Lexi-Comp at (800) 837-5394 or by logging onto Services can also be purchased through Discus Dental Software at (800) 323-3370 or by logging onto