Service geared toward practice advisors

Nov. 29, 2006
Sikka Software product applicable to both practice management consultants and dental accountants.

Sikka Software Corporation has introduced a product and service based on the established Dental Practice Optimizer. This service is DPOPA and is geared towards the practice advisors--both practice management consultants and dental accountants.

In the current information delivery model practice advisors obtain the information from their dentist clients to advise and help them. These practice advisors have to go through a number of different practice management systems including Dentrix, Softdent, Eaglesoft, EasyDental, Mogo, PracticeWorks, DentalVision and OpenDental among others. In addition each one of these practice management systems has a number of versions. For example Dentrix has v9, 10, 11 and now G2. Similarly most others have 4-5 versions each.

Adding to this complexity is a number of financial systems that the dentist uses. These include QuickBooks, Quicken, PeachTree, MSMoney and Checkmate etc. Again, there are at least 8 versions of QuickBooks (such as QuickBooks Pro 2003,2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, QuickBooks Basic, QuickBooks Online etc.).

Current information delivery model is both complicated and full of inefficiencies. It is very manual and so complex skills are required to extract specific reports that are then manually entered in Excel or other format for further analysis. This is time consuming and consequently never on time. The same applies if the practice advisor is waiting on the dental office's front desk to send them the reports.

Again the reports are on printed paper and have to be manually entered and then error checked. Data accuracy or report accuracy is always under question. If the reports are not received on time, the practice advisor looks bad because the dentist is expecting advice and analysis on time.

If the reports are received on time but are inaccurate again the practice advisor looks bad because the dentist declares the analysis and numbers as inaccurate. This can be the biggest time, resource and credibility sink for the practice advisor and may also result in customer attrition.

New Information Delivery Model
Dental Practice Optimizer for Practice Advisors standardizes information delivery. It does this by providing highly efficient access through a consistent and standard interface. It can seamlessly interface with all major practice
management systems including Dentrix, Softdent, Eaglesoft, EasyDental, Mogo, PracticeWorks, DentalVision and all major financial systems including QuickBooks, Quicken, PeachTree, MSMoney and Checkmate.

Features of DPOPATM
DPOPATM provides customizable reports with any business statistics that the practice advisors need to help them advise their dentist client. DPOPA sends information by emails that can be scheduled daily, weekly and monthly for any particular day.

This is part of Sikka Software Corporation ON DEMAND delivery model. In addition to the emails, the Sikka On Demand model includes remote access and customized reporting solution described later. This efficient new information delivery model is capable of providing real time data and comes with certified data accuracy verified by Sikka Software Corporation.

DPOPATM includes ability to map and generate information in Profit and Loss categories as specified by Academy Of Dental CPAs and accommodates variations for individual CPAs and practice consultants.

Sikka Software Corporation technical support completes the installation of DPOPA on the dentist client after receiving the signup sheet from the practice advisor. A sample signup sheet will be sent with this document. The practice advisor informs the dentist that Sikka Software Corporation technical support will be remotely logging in to the client's machine and they will need to keep the practice management system and financial system open during the duration of the activation.

During this activation all that is needed is the computer time and not the staff's or the dentist time. At the end of the installation an email will be sent to the practice advisor as reported in the signup sheet and the practice advisor will work on the mapping. Once the mapping is completed, the DPOPA is sending the accurate data to the practice advisor at the frequency they want.

Webinars and Updates
Sikka Software Corporation will train each practice advisor using Webinars. These webinars will be done so that the practice advisor can use the DPOPA to its full capability and understand how to zoom in and interpret their clients' data.

Complete updates of DPO as they are released will be made available to all current practice advisor clients and re-training for new feature familiarization as required. Access will be available to all Sikka Software Corporation Webinar based trainings

Remote Access
Remote access service is provided if the practice advisor wishes. This remote service is a secure HIPAA compliant web based access to client offices. This will curtail the initial need for practice advisor consultants to travel to the dental practice to gather practice management system and financial data. This helps recapture that time for actual coaching.

Custom Portal
A custom practice advisor portal will be made available to our CRM (Customer
Relationship Management Program) to monitor all practice advisor clients on DPOPA. This enables practice advisors to communicate directly with Sikka Software Corporation team and to coordinate activations as new clients come on line.

We can coordinate a ramp up of within 30 days for all of practice advisor clients (with 24 hour access to the computers online and a minimum of staff time to coordinate the install) phased in on practice advisor determination of who is first, second, etc.

We can then coordinate trainings of practice advisor consultants and guide them to predetermined Webinar based trainings to bring them all up to speed quickly as well as hosting practice advisor webinars (handles groups of up to 1,000) and Go to meetings (handles interactive groups of up to 11).

Pricing of DPOPATM
Units of 50 DPOPA are priced with a discount. This includes the Sikka On Demand delivery and installation of DPOPA and full access to the remote access and customized CRM portal reporting. The practice advisor is able to get emails at the periodicity of what they specify to Sikka Software Corporation technical support in the signup sheet.

In this model DPOPATM will not be on client's desktop and only the practice advisor will have access to it. This does not let the dentist client use the program. The DPOPA is customized more to suit the needs of the practice advisors.

If the dentist client wishes to purchase Dental Practice Optimizer they can choose to do that and in that circumstance the practice advisor will no longer have to pay for the DPOPA and the dentist will pay the retail price of the Dental Practice Optimizer. The dentist will get full training from their practice advisor or Sikka Software Corporation.