100 percent software rebate offered

June 14, 2006
Qualifying customers receive Patterson EagleSoft and CAESY patient education software at no charge after rebate.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announces a 100 percent Patterson EagleSoft software rebate to customers who purchase both Patterson EagleSoft and CAESY patient education software.

Increased from the previous 60 percent rebate, the 100 percent Patterson Plussm Software Rebate for Patterson EagleSoft is now available to qualifying Patterson Plus Gold customers who purchase EagleSoft and CAESY Enterprise and remain an active customer throughout the rebate term. Patterson Plus Silver customers will still receive a 30 percent EagleSoft software rebate.

The Patterson Plussm Software Rebate program was established in 2004 to provide additional cost-effective ways for Patterson customers to run their businesses.

"Quite simply, offering our customers a 100 percent EagleSoft software rebate is a cost-effective, efficient way of doing business," says Patterson Vice President of Marketing John Bettencourt. "We at Patterson are excited to be able to reward Patterson Plus Gold customers with this offer as a way to implement new technology and continuously improve their practices."

Rebates are divided equally over a period of three years, and customers must maintain their Patterson Plussm commitments for the three years of the rebate plan.

For more information about the 100 percent Patterson Plussm Software Rebate, contact a local Patterson Technology Representative or visit www.eaglesoft.net.