Innovative cone-beam CT scanner launched

Oct. 26, 2006
New product extends Kodak's portfolio of 3-D imaging offerings.

ROCHESTER, New York--Dental professionals may now obtain state-of-
the-art, full-cranial cone-beam CT (computed tomography) technology from Kodak that provides highly accurate 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning and treatment of oral surgery, orthodontics and other dental procedures.

Through a distribution agreement with IMTEC Imaging, Kodak is now the exclusive distributor of the ILUMA Cone-Beam CT Scanner for the dental market in the United States. The agreement expands Kodak's broad dental digital imaging portfolio to include -D radiographic imaging technology in addition to the 3-D surface imaging system already marketed by Kodak.

The ILUMA Scanner provides full-cranial, highly accurate 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning and treatment of orthodontics, implantology, TMJ analysis, airway assessment, oral and orthognathic surgery and other dental procedures.

Undistorted, anatomically correct views of the jaws, teeth and facial bones along with cross-sectional (bucco-lingual), axial, coronal, sagittal, cephalometric and panoramic views are easily generated. Three-dimensional images enable a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies.

"With the addition of cone-beam CT technology to our portfolio, we are reiterating our commitment to providing innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable imaging systems to dental professionals," said Rich Hirschland, General Manager for Kodak's Dental Systems group.

"We chose the ILUMA Scanner due to its unique combination of ultra-high image quality, powerful but easy-to-use software, small size and IMTEC's depth of imaging experience in both industrial and dental CT technologies."

20 Years of CT Experience
The ILUMA Scanner combines 20 years of industrial CT experience gained from
high-technology industrie--such as defense and aerospac--with dental expertise in implants, surgical guides and 3-D model creation. The ILUMA Scanner includes proprietary FlashCT Acquisition and Image Reconstruction Software that minimizes patient motion and metal artifacts and reconstructs images across multiple processors.

Motion and metal artifact reduction are critical to providing ultra-high quality 3-D images for dental applications. The FlashCT technology won the prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2003.

Additionally, the FlashCT technology has been used by Align Technology, Inc. for their INVISALIGN manufacturing process since 2002. Expertise gained from developing 3-D models from dental impressions has been incorporated into the ILUMA Scanner.

Highest Image Resolution, Small Size
Like Kodak's other dental imaging products, the ILUMA Scanner has the highest
image resolution in the industry. It delivers 14-bit grayscale images and 0.09 mm3 voxel size, the measure of 3-D image resolution.

"The image resolution is unmatched in the dental industry," said Ronald A. Bulard, DDS, Co-Chairman of IMTEC Imaging. "Plus, the ILUMA Scanner offers lower radiation doses than conventional CT scanners and fast scan times allowing rapid diagnosis."

The attractive scanner allows patients to sit comfortably, is lightweight, and has a footprint similar to panoramic x-ray systems.

Easy-to-Use, Powerful Software Tools
The ILUMA 3-D Vision Software was designed for ease-of-use but also provides a
comprehensive set of 3-D visualization tools needed by dental professionals to optimize diagnosis and treatment decisions and to streamline workflow. A sample of included 3-D tools are:

*Automatic generation of standard panoramic, cephalometric and intraoral

*Volume rendering with image presets

*Measurement tools for 3-D and 2-D images

*Surface rendering of skin and soft tissue

*Implant simulation tools

*Exportation of 3-D volumes (also called stereolithography or STL) that enable
the rapid fabrication of implant guides, custom-bent wires, orthodontic
aligners and other patient-customized treatment products

*Ability to export images to third-party software tools, such as implant
planning tools, that utilize DICOM 3 file format

Kodak plans to further streamline workflow and enhance patient care by integrating the ILUMA Software with KODAK Imaging Software in the future.

"There is an increasing demand from dental professionals to obtain and utilize 3-D images within their own practices," said Tim Thompson, CEO of Hytec Incorporated and Co-Chairman of IMTEC Imaging. "Adding the ILUMA Scanner to Kodak's broad portfolio of imaging solutions will enable Kodak customers to realize the power of using 3-D in diagnosis, planning and treatment."

For more information on the new relationship between Kodak and IMTEC Imaging, contact Kodak in the US at (800) 944-6365 or visit