Software solution to access and share data remotely

July 31, 2006
Patterson Dental's nSite for multiple-site EagleSoft practices eliminates need for synchronization.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. has announced the availability of nSite for Patterson EagleSoft, an innovative software application that allows Patterson EagleSoft customers to independently operate their leading clinical and practice management software at more than one site while simultaneously sharing data.

Combined with Patterson EagleSoft, nSite is ideal for large dental practices with multiple locations sharing access to patient files, billing information and insurance claims. nSite manages Patterson EagleSoft practices independently and jointly by linking information stored on a centralized database.

With nSite, employee information is accessible at any number of locations, and scheduling and billing functions can be run from one central location. As a result, practices can outsource scheduling and billing operations to an off-site facility while maintaining up-to-date schedules and records on-site.

"nSite is unique because it functions off of one data set, not five or six, eliminating the need for data synchronization," said Patterson EagleSoft Development Manager Jim Garrett. "Additionally, tests to this point have elicited great customer feedback, which we greatly value when evaluating new products."

For data protection, nSite also offers security features which allow users to access data on a privileged basis depending on personal security rank, ensuring restricted patient information cannot be viewed by unauthorized users.

For more information about nSite for use with Patterson EagleSoft Version 13.00, call the support team at Patterson Technology.