UniversityOfHealthCare announces new training programs

Oct. 6, 2004
Programs aimed at helping hospitals and healthcare organizations meet JCAHO standards.

UniversityOfHealthCare, a leading e-learning solutions provider, has announced new training programs to help hospitals and healthcare organizations meet JCAHO standards and develop a quality program.

Recent releases include:

Patient Rights--The first part teaches about patient rights and the second guides the student through an approach to ethical issues by evaluating one of his choosing, and gives some short cases.

Age Specific Competence--The first part teaches you about the requirements and how to meet them. The second part consists of five short tests that enable you to document certain age-specific competences easily.

Medication Errors--This is an authoritative, compelling, well-written course loaded with questions, interactivity, and videos that will leave the reader with a comprehensive view of medication errors and what to do about them.

Quality Assurance and Outcomes Introduction--This multimedia introduction to the field will teach you the basic terminology and concepts as they apply to healthcare.

Other UniversityOfHealthCare products may help meet JCAHO standards:
*The seven courses on Bioterrorism will help all organizations perform emergency planning and training.
*The series Secrets of a Leadership Coach, based on the techniques of America's top CEO coach, will help with team relationships.
*The OSHA/JCAHO series includes thorough courses on Bloodborne Pathogens, especially HIV and hepatitis, Safe Lifting, Fire Safety, Medical Radiation Safety, Tuberculosis, Workplace Violence, and more.
*The Customer Care in Healthcare series includes four courses: Reorganizing for Customer Care in Healthcare, Customer and Patient Care, Provider Patient Relationships, and Handling Difficult People.
*The HIPAA series helps meet concerns about patient privacy.
*Many other courses such as Applying Restraints address other compliance and quality concerns.

All the programs have a test at the end that can be used to document successful completion. Many are available on CD. All are available for placement on a Learning Management System. UniversityOfHealthCare also offers the Learning Management software to document training completion.

These programs are available in at least one of the following formats:
--Web-based on the UniversityOfHealthCare website at
--CD-ROM or Manual/CD-ROM combination at
--Group licensing for a corporate Learning Management System

UniversityOfHealthCare is a total e-learning solutions provider for management and healthcare. Its services include learning management system implementation, consulting, hundreds of web-based courses, and manual and CD publishing.