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3Shape launches TRIOS color digital impression solution

March 12, 2013
Launch made at IDS 2013 show.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark--At IDS 2013, 3Shape unveiled a new TRIOS Color digital impression taking solution.

3Shape invited dental-industry journalists to the unveiling that included a presentation of the new product. The audience witnessed how TRIOS Color can scan and capture the intraoral situation in realistic-looking color without compromising 3Shape TRIOS recognized standards for scanning speed and accuracy.

3Shape’s new RealColor Technology in the TRIOS Color digital impression-taking solution facilitates the creation of scan images in the appearance of real teeth and gingiva. The natural-looking colors help make it easy for dentists to distinguish between the different types of restorative materials (metals, enamel, composite, etc.), recognize bleeding areas, see color transitions on teeth, and identify margin lines with enhanced detail.

In combination with 3Shape’s established TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning Technology, TRIOS Color represents a high performance color scanning solution that is fast, accurate, and easy-to-use.

3Shape’s new TRIOS Pod is a configuration solution, and an alternative to the TRIOS cart. It enables scanning with the TRIOS handheld scanner and software using selected laptop PCs. The solution offers mobility and flexibility for dentists working in multiple locations or for clinics with limited space. The TRIOS Pod lets users control scanning from an iPad or mirror the 3-D view on other displays in the clinic, such as monitors integrated in the chair.

With the addition of TRIOS Color and the TRIOS Pod configuration option, 3Shape offers four different solutions for clinics:

1. TRIOS Color Cart
2. TRIOS Standard Cart
3. TRIOS Color POD
4. TRIOS Standard POD

At IDS 2013, 3Shape also showcased developments that apply to TRIOS Color and TRIOS standard digital-impression solutions. Many new features, such as boosted scan speed, are software related. They will be automatically provided to existing TRIOS users as a part of their subscription.

*Now 40% faster: TRIOS Ultrafast Optical Sectioning software has been optimized for fast impression capture
*New tip with anti-mist heater: Automatically helps ensure an optimal temperature for undistorted and crystal clear scanning
*Add a prepreparation scan: Users create and attach a prepreparation scan that labs can use as guidance for designing restorations that resemble the patient’s original teeth.
*Post and core restorations: TRIOS is optimized for post and core scanning in which high accuracy and reliable depth capture are critical
*TRIOS for Orthodontics: Captures full arches and the occlusal situation as input for digital study models, treatment planning, and appliance design. TRIOS for Orthodontics includes 3Shape Ortho Analyzer software that allows clinics to perform treatment simulations, virtual setups, and analyses on the scanned model.

3Shape displayed and demonstrated TRIOS Color and TRIOS Standard solutions, as well as the new TRIOS Pod solution at IDS 2013, Hall 4,2 Booth N090. After IDS, information about 3Shape TRIOS solutions can be obtained through 3Shape resellers.

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