Dental product news: MacPractice iEHR App for iPad, iPad mini with ePrescribe released

Jan. 8, 2013
The App interoperates with MacPractice Clipboard 4.2 for iPad and MacPractice MD.

LINCOLN, Nebraska--MacPractice, an Apple developer of practice management and clinical software for doctors' offices that use Macs, iPhones, and iPads, has launched MacPractice iEHR App with ePrescribe for iPad and iPad mini to US physicians.

MacPractice iEHR interoperates with MacPractice MD version 4.2 desktop practice management and clinical software and with MacPractice Clipboard 4.2 App for iPad and iPad mini, which helps streamline patient registration.

“MacPractice iEHR is the simple-to-use, full-featured, native Electronic Health Records App for iPad and iPad mini that doctors who prefer to use Apple technology have been asking MacPractice to develop,” said MacPractice CEO Mark Hollis.

"Our engineers have worked diligently to deliver secure interoperability for our native iPad Apps--Patient Check In, MacPractice Clipboard 4.2, and MacPractice iEHR-- with our best-in-class desktop applications-- MacPractice MD, 20/20, and DC, and with MacPractice’s EMR Ability."

“MacPractice iEHR, like MacPractice Web Interface, MacPractice Interface with ePrescribe for iPad and iPad mini and MacPractice Interface for iPhone, interoperates securely with MacPractice both in the office and from remote locations via WiFi and cellular connections,” Hollis added.

MacPractice iEHR App may be downloaded free from the App Store, and requires a support agreement to interoperate with MacPractice MD, 20/20 and DC, MacPractice Clipboard 4.2 App, and Patient Check In App for iPad and iPad mini.

In an office that uses iEHR with MacPractice Clipboard 4.2, the doctor and clinical staff will begin examinations with demographic and clinical information including medical, social, surgical and family histories, reason for visit, medications, etc.

This information will have been entered by the patient, saving time and eliminating redundancy and errors. While patient records may be securely locked at the end of a visit, the data can be pulled forward for a follow-up visit, saving more time for the doctor and staff members.

Among many MacPractice iEHR features is the ability to ePrescribe on the iPad and view a patient’s prescriptions whether they were executed on the iPad or in MacPractice on the desktop. MacPractice iEHR facilitates medication reconciliation, Clinical Decision Support, and patient and account alerts.

Images and PDF documents stored in MacPractice’s Attachments Ability may be viewed, and photos or documents may be acquired using the iPad’s camera. The doctor can draw on or annotate photos, pictures, and line drawings used in standard or custom templates, as well as those captured with the iPad’s camera.

MacPractice iEHR users can view clinical data recorded in MacPractice EMR or MacPractice EDR, Notes, Rx and Attachments. MacPractice iEHR builds a narrative for the patient visit, which can be viewed on the iPad and is also stored in MacPractice. Attachments captured with the iPad camera are also simultaneously stored in MacPractice on the desktop.

MacPractice iEHR tracks the fulfillment of Meaningful Use measures in the course of an examination and provides visual cues to assist the office in attaining the necessary objectives.

Doctors can use templates customized by MacPractice specifically for their practice in addition to standard templates and a growing library of primary and specialty practice templates. U.S. providers can benefit from using MacPractice iEHR with MacPractice practice management and clinical software. MacPractice plans to release a version of MacPractice iEHR for its international users in 2013.

To see the simplicity of the MacPractice iEHR user interface and to get more information about MacPractice solutions, register at to view demo videos of MacPractice software for doctors and receive news and notices of upcoming webinars.

While MacPractice designs its Apps for iPad to require little or no training, dedicated, regional MacPractice pactice consultants are available in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. to provide affordable onsite installation, training and support for MacPractice products.

MacPractice regularly conducts corporate training at its National Training Center, as well as remote training and free remote mini-classes. They company also has several national and international trainers on staff.

MacPractice leverages Apple's legendary ease of use, stability and low-cost maintenance to create affordable, intuitive and flexible Mac-native software for doctors. The software, used by 15,000 providers in 4,300 offices, combines an ONC-ATCB 2011-2012 Certified EHR/EMR solution with practice- management tools in an easy-to-use, intuitive system that can improve patient care, efficiency, and productivity.

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