Bluefin Payment Systems and Curve Dental partner

July 16, 2013
Two to offer integrated payment processing.
ATLANTA, Georgia, and OREM, Utah--Bluefin Payment Systems and Curve Dental, a cloud-based provider of dental practice-management solutions, have announced that they have partnered to create an integrated, all-in-one payment solution within the Curve Dental software interface.
Based out of Atlanta with offices in New York, Chicago, and Tulsa, Bluefin is a payment processor in the U.S. and Canada, providing secure payment solutions to Integrated Software Vendors, SaaS providers and enterprise-management platforms in a variety of verticals including medical, dentistry, and health/fitness. Curve Dental offers Web-based alternatives to traditional dental software applications. Th company's office management solutions for dentists include cloud-based features such as scheduling, billing, reporting, and digital imaging. This allows customers to access patient data from any location at any time. “Curve Dental is on the cutting-edge of innovation in dental software, and is an ideal partner for Bluefin,” said John Perry, CEO of Bluefin. “We seek to partner with companies that offer differentiated products that allow customers to accomplish tasks in less time and with more efficiency. Adding our payment solutions to the Curve Dental platform will provide their customers with a seamless process in managing their office.” Through the partnership with Bluefin, Curve Dental clients can process debit card, credit card, and ACH payments within the software interface. The company can also easily set up schedules for recurring billing, choose to tokenize transactions for extra security, and offer clients enhanced security features, such as Point-to-Point Encryption and transparent redirection. Additionally, the partnership will provide on-line payment capabilities via a patient portal hosted by Curve Dental. “Curve Dental always takes a fresh, innovative approach to dental software, beginning with the web,” said Ian Zipursky, president and COO of Curve Dental. “Bluefin shares our vision to improve the customer experience by helping us provide our clients with a clean, simple, integrated, and Web-based payment processing solution, both for inoffice and patient portal transactions.” In addition to a secure integrated payment product, Curve Dental clients should benefit from a transparent and competitive pricing structure, as well as one-on-one support and service provided by Bluefin and Curve Detail team members. For more information, call (888) 910-4376 or visit To comment on this topic, go to