Patterson to offer EagleSoft at no charge

June 11, 2008
In exchange for support fees, national dealer offers free technology integration with its long-standing practice management software system.

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. announced on June 11 that it would provide Patterson EagleSoft practice management software to dental professionals nationwide at no charge. The award-winning software, along with the data import process and CD-ROM and Web-based training materials, are available to new users for free beginning June 9.

In a press statement, Patterson said EagleSoft practice management software helps dental professionals "streamline practice activity, ultimately benefiting patients and staff, alike."

"Providing Patterson EagleSoft practice management software at no cost eliminates a major hurdle for dentists seeking better software or looking ahead toward future digital technology purchases," said Patterson Dental President Scott Anderson. "Patterson Dental's primary focus is helping dentists stay on the forefront of technology and working to ensure practitioners have access to practice management software that allows easy integration with evolving digital technologies."

To receive free Patterson EagleSoft practice management software, data import and training materials, professionals simply need to commit to a one-year service agreement at a low monthly cost. Professionals also can obtain Patterson EagleSoft digital imaging software at no charge with qualifying digital technology purchases.

"New Patterson EagleSoft users will be able to rely on the unyielding, accessible support features Patterson Dental customers have valued for years," said Patterson Technology Center Director Pam Hemmen. "Quite simply, this offer allows dentists to move easily into the digital world, and we look forward to welcoming many new professionals to the way Patterson Dental does business."

Since the company's inception, Patterson Dental has been driven by the philosophy that technology is an advantage that can help its customers succeed. From its introduction of IntraOral Cameras in the late 1980s, building of its world-class Patterson Technology Center in 1997 to its acquisition of CAESY Patient Education in 2004, Patterson Dental has consistently been developing and providing industry-changing technology.

For more information about Patterson EagleSoft, visit or call the Patterson Technology Center at (800) 294-8504.