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i-CAT Precise

Aug. 8, 2011
New i-CAT Precise helps dentists provide better care in treatment planning for placing and restoring implants, performing guided surgery, extractions, and other surgical procedures.
HATFIELD, Pennsylvania--Imaging Sciences International has announced launch of i-CAT Precise.Along with the benefits of three-dimensional radiographic technology that dentists have come to expect from i-CAT, this new system delivers comprehensive treatment tools for implant therapy, fast radiographic workflow, and clinical control over image size and dose.The system is an imaging solution for general dentists and specialists who place and restore implants. It is a cone beam 3-D system with the integrated Tx Studio software that affords control of aspects of treatment—implant, abutment and restoration. This comprehensive treatment tool allows the clinician to guide each case, from plan to completion, with enhanced surgical predictability. Plus, the rich visuals of the software create patient engagement to lead to a greater understanding of their condition and of the treatment plan.“Clearly, i-CAT is, and always has been, on the leading edge of Cone Beam 3-D technology,” stated MarkHillebrandt, director of marketing for Imaging Sciences. “We are pleased to extend the i-CAT brand with the newi-CAT Precise, so that more dentists can take advantage of the imaging that can help them accurately andefficiently perform procedures and offer better care to their patients.”The changing face of dentistryDental offices can experience a significantly more efficient and productive 3-D radiographic workflow with i-CATPrecise. Keeping the office moving quickly while offering excellent care, the scan is captured, reconstructed, andready for planning in less than 30 seconds. Even complex treatment plans can be completed in a few minuteswith the included Tx Studio software, and discussed either chairside or in consultation rooms.Additionally, i-CAT-powered scanners, including i-CAT Precise, are systems capable of producing CBCT radiographic images and panoramic scans in 4.8 seconds for following the progress of treatment.. Using a host of proprietary tools including i-Collimator, a variety of dose settings, and i-PAN’s built-in panoramic function— hallmarks of the i-CAT technology, i-CAT Precise allows for responsible imaging. Flexible control over image size and low dose scanning gives control to tailor 3-D and 2-D scans to the need of each individual patient. Capture a single arch to full dentition plus the TMJ complex with 3-D scans of 8 cm or 14 cm diameters, and heights ranging from 8 cm to 2 cm and everything between. With i-CAT Precise, clinicians can communicate to patients that they are getting a dose that is minimized for their individual treatment.For more information, go to comment on this product, go to